'Looking For a Push!' ECC Hiring Young Talent in Melbourne

Express Cash for Cars Wants Long-Term Growth

Online PR News – 14-December-2018 – Melbourne, 14 December 2018 – Express Cash for Cars is hiring a new set of employees for their expansion strategy in 2019. They are looking at hiring a bunch of more employees who have a few years of experience in their field. The automotive industry is beginning to progress with respect to having more of trained professionals working with them. There has been an evident increase in the courses available for automotive industry individuals. As Universities and educational institutions realize the importance of specialization, they've responded with courses that focus on a certain career aspect with "automotive industry" as the focal point.

"There has been a rise in the demand for industry professionals that possess not just management knowledge, but also have some automotive industry knowledge. We're trying to make our students more employable!" said one of the professors from a University at Melbourne.

Express Cash for Cars has been working with experts in the industry for a while now, but they've all acquired this knowledge by working in the industry for a long time. They are now engaging in employing fresh talent that can offer some novelty to the system. "We need some fresh ideas for our business strategy. The old ones work pretty well, but something new is always required for a push - we're just looking for that push" said Sam, the chief recruiter at Express Cash for Cars.

There are a vast number of people who are looking at a profession in the automotive sector and with car removal companies. With a recruitment process like this, Express Cash for Cars is hoping to reach out to that segment of students. The recruiters at Express Cash for Cars believe that if a person is passionate about cars, or vehicles in general, they might be the right fit for the kind of jobs they're offering.

Their process looks at hiring passionate individuals and giving them a few months of 'on-the-job' training in order to get them accustomed to the procedure.

Express Cash for Cars is a car removal service company, but they're also scrap car dealers and car wreckers. They're not just in need for management professionals but are also looking at hiring experienced drivers for their pick-up services. As they offer "express" pickup of the vehicles from the seller's house, they want professionals whom they can rely on. The company is working towards building a brighter future for themselves and their expansion strategies in 2020. They're looking at the long-term growth and development instead of focusing on hiring excessive casual labour.

Express Cash for Cars is Melbourne's premium car buying and Car Wrecking Service that has a multitude of services including car buying, car wrecking, vehicle wrecking, accidental car removal. They guarantee an express service with utmost convenience to their customers. They promise "no hassle, no stress, just Express!" to their prospective customers looking to sell their cars in the city of Melbourne and its neighbouring suburbs.

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