Online Reptile Store xyzReptiles Announces Holiday Shipping Dates

xyzReptiles has released their Holiday Shipping Dates schedule. For both Christmas and New Years Day fall on a Tuesday this year.

Online PR News – 10-December-2018 – Florida – xyzReptiles is once again ready to get hundreds of packages containing reptiles for sale out safely and efficiently to their new homes. At a busy time of the year with severe weather conditions in most of the country your reptile's health depends on an efficient shipping system and a perfectly packed reptile package. The folks at the xyzReptiles online reptile store have been shipping snakes, lizards, tortoises and geckos for years in the most extreme weather with some of the best on time arrival rates in the reptile industry.

The owners of xyzReptiles ( have been working hard to bring new rare reptile morphs to the market and have also been making sure that the reptile pets purchased from their online reptile store are delivered safely and stress free to their new homes. This is one reason they are considered one of the top places to buy reptiles online.

"We are pleased to have one of the best safety rated reptile delivery options online.", said Amir Soleymani, Managing Member of the online reptile store. Amir continued to say, "We have made substantial investments in our technology to aid in the pick, pack and ship process at our facility to aid in continuing our outstanding on time delivery and live arrival rates for our customers new reptile pets."

Shipping reptiles safely ( involves a number of steps that starts with having healthy and well cared for animals. The second step involves having a keen awareness of temperatures at the starting point, the connecting hubs and the final destination as well as preparing for fluctuation in temperatures. Finally having the proper packaging, cooling and or heating mediums and safety labeling will ensure a safe and live arrival every time.