iNextrix Announced to Offer White Label Mobile SIP Dialer for Business

Mobile SIP dialers can be a great addition to any business. iNextrix has announced to offer white label mobile SIP dialer for businesses.

Online PR News – 09-December-2018 – New York – iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., more popularly known as, iNextrix is a leading IT company. The spokesperson of the company announced to offer white label Mobile SIP dialer. The SIP dialer is known by many names such as, SIP softphone, softphone, VoIP mobile dialer, Mobile dialer app and more. The company will offer this app for both, Android and iOS devices. This is a perfect solution for businesses that are looking for a cost effective communication solution.

The Mobile SIP dialer is an application that can be installed in any Smartphone. Once it is installed, it can be used for two way communication at way cheaper rates than traditional communication. Also, it gives many communication and collaboration features which are not available in the traditional telecommunication system.

The spokesperson of the company shared some more details to show the benefits of this app for businesses. He stated, "All businesses use different modes of communication tools such as, legacy telecom system, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, etc. What if you get features of all of these different applications within a single app and you pay much cheaper. The mobile SIP dialer is the app that gives all these benefits. It is furnished with all features one need for communication and offered by all different communication tools, software and applications. However, it makes communication cheaper. It uses SIP technology to conduct calls which reduced the call cost for outbound calls. The international calls are significantly cheaper. Moreover, internal calls are absolutely free. It means the communication can be faster, cheaper and richer with the mobile SIP dialer solution."

As per the shared details, the mobile SIP dialer is the solution that can be used by any business and enterprise. The iNextrix offers a free VoIP SIP Softphone to the users that want to use the SIP dialer without white label. This free VoIP SIP Dialer app will have the branding elements of the iNextrix. On the other hand, the company has announced to offer white label Mobile SIP Dialer app. Here, the company will add the branding elements of its client company. Thus, the finally developed VoIP Softphone will have the logo, theme and other brand elements of the company which will give it for use to its customers and other business entities.

The company will also offer the custom mobile SIP dialer development service to its customers. It means the businesses can choose the number and type of features they want to have in their SIP Softphone. Below is the list of key features one can get in the Mobile SIP Dialer:

• Audio call
• Video call
• Instant messaging (Chat)
• SIP to SIP calling
• SIP to PRI calling
• Calling card support
• Phone book
• Whitelist
• Blacklist
• Call waiting
• Call transfer
• Call hold and pick-up
• 3-way conference
• Tunneling
• PIN security
• Refill account
• Postpaid support
• And more

The Mobile SIP Dialer with white labeling gives both, cost and brand benefits to the businesses and enterprises. To explore more details about the offered mobile SIP Dialer, please visit