KOBIT, winner of the IE-KMD MEDIATECH VENTURE DAY Pitch Contest 2018

IE-KMD MEDIATECH VENTURE DAY TOKYO Pitch Contest in English won by Access Analysis SaaS "KOBIT"

Online PR News – 30-November-2018 – Shinagawa – IE-KMD MEDIATECH VENTURE DAY TOKYO Pitch Contest in English won by Access Analysis SaaS "KOBIT"

November, 28 of 2018 at 21:30, at the pitch contest of "EI-KMD MEDIATECH VENTURE DAY TOKYO" held by Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and MBA courses specialist IE Business School in Spain, shares KOBIT, provided by the company Creator's NEXT (Head office located in: Shinagawa, Tokyo. CEO: Nozomu Kubota) was the winner of the contest. The event was celebrated in the Plug and Play in Shibuya, Tokyo. Sponsored by Spain Chamber of Commerce in Japan, TECH IN ASIA, CREAM.

The contest was realized in an elevator pitch format that competes for good or bad business model in the limited time of 5 minutes.

Mr. Nozomu Kubota, winner introducing the service KOBIT, will be given IE Venture Day assistance and pitch rights worldwide at the IE stage at South Summit, the largest startup event in Southern Europe, held in October 2019. The event offers opportunities for meetings with access, large companies, and others.

SOUTH SUMMIT is an event that attracts 650 investors, 3000 startups, and 12500 participants.

A total of 6 start-ups finalists from 3 different countries have competed in the event.

For the international business competition, companies from Hong Kong, France, and Japan participated as finalists from six countries in total. Every contestant showed a pitch of 5 minutes. The contents presented were various, such as IoT service, Access Analysis service, Machine Learning service, Translation service, Automatic Summary AI service or articles, and Analysis Service of O2O.

The following members conducted the examination:

Senior Associate - Rakuten


CEO and Founder, Learning Entrepreneur's Lab


DCM Associate


Venture Capitalist at SBI Investment


Nozomu Kubota who provides KOBIT, Access Analysis SaaS.

KOBIT is a service that automatically generates reports to increase website conversion rate simply connecting with Google Analytics. For example, for a digital marketer to verify 20 or more hypotheses, it is necessary to analyze 24 quadrillion patterns, but KOBIT automatically completes the analysis in 1 minute. Moreover, its big characteristic is not only to generate diagrams and tables, but also to read and understand the meanings of figures and tables from the viewpoint of marketers and automatically generate sentences and guidelines. KOBIT has already been introduced in 1,900 companies from 9 countries, and the number of companies is increasing by 100 companies per month.

Mr. Kubota said,
"If we can win in such a place, it makes me very courageous because the effort of the team members seems to have been commended. KOBIT is now been used in 1.900 companies in 9 countries worldwide, but in the world, there are 196 countries. I think that the demand for access analysis is still wide. I will do my best to take responsibility for those that represent the winners of this award and will not disappoint the rest of the contestants of the event!".

About IE Business School
It is a world-class business school with headquarters in Spain and their MBA program is worldwide top ranking. It was the third largest in Europe in 2017 and the eighth in the world in 2018. In 1973, entrepreneurs founded IE and were the pioneers to incorporate the Entrepreneurship into the essential subjects of the MBA course for the first time in the world. Professors are also recognized in the start-up ecosystem in the EU, including arranging active venture capitalists and others. This time, IE School of Human Sciences & Technology hosted by undergraduate departments specializing in human science and technology.

About KMD
KMD fosters "Media Innovators", a creative leader program who can play an active role globally and also performs various activities to lead the creative society.

In order to carry out advanced activities as a member of the international community, we are improving the environment making the most of the network infrastructure, with English and Japanese as official languages. Furthermore, in order to practice MAKE, DEPLOY, IMPACT on the scenario of the international community, we are integrally implementing from the curriculum of the project with the following three pillars. 1. Innovation, 2. Diversity, 3. Radical Collaboration.

About IE-KMD MediaTech Venture Day
Technology has an unprecedented evolution. Trends such as advanced robot technology, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Smart Grid, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are changing the limits of the business environment, economic nature, and possibilities. In order to promote the process of this change, IE School of Human Science & Technology (HST) in Madrid, Spain in collaboration with Keio University School of Media Design (KMD), hold IE-KMD MediaTech Venture Day in Tokyo. This start-up event, which IE conducts as part of the International Venture Day series, aims annually around the world to discover and nurture startups that can solve the challenges faced by media companies, journalism, entertainment, or marketers.

In addition to the startup competition, Mr. MARCOS RAMIREZ, Senior Associate Director of Admissions of IE HST and Professor Masahiko Inakage of KMD and guests gave a speech and a panel.

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