Royston Carr Asset Management Says EU Court Could Rule Brexit Reversible

Royston Carr Asset Management - Anti Brexiteers are hopeful that an ECJ ruling could pave the way for reversal of Brexit.

Online PR News – 27-November-2018 – Taipei City, Taiwan – An urgent meeting of Europe's highest court was told that Britain has the option to reverse its decision to exit the European Union. Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say those Britons who are pro-EU membership are hopeful that this ruling could lay the foundation for a second referendum in which UK citizens would be able to change their initial vote and possibly end Brexit.

A group of lawyers working on behalf of Scottish politicians have called upon the European Court of Justice to determine whether or not the UK can withdraw the notice to depart from the European Union under the provisions of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Britain is due to exit the European Union in March next year and analysts at Royston Carr Asset Management say it is unclear whether unanimous agreement from all 27 EU member states would be required for Britain to revoke its notice to withdraw.

The outcome of Brexit remains uncertain as Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to get approval from parliament on the recently agreed upon draft separation deal. Next month, UK parliament will vote on the draft agreement with the risk of Britain leaving the EU with no deal if the draft is rejected.

The other option, and one vehemently supported by anti Brexiteers, is a second vote that would give British citizens the option of maintaining EU membership. May's administration says that a second referendum is not on the cards and that any measure that would permit the reversal of Brexit would go against official government policy.

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