Infographic Showing the History of Website Building

Designmodo published an infographic revealing the history of website building briefly.

Online PR News – 23-November-2018 – Brooklyn, NY – Do you remember where you were in 1990? That's when the first significant milestone leading to today's proliferation of website builders happened. HTML was born.

That simple step has lead us on a journey that has made building websites something that almost anyone can do, thanks to drag and drop website builders and tools that aren't just a bunch of lines of code.

Designmodo published an infographic revealing the history of website building briefly.

The infographic is created as a timeline comprising the significant advancements during the years and the total number of websites at this time.

The first website was launched by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 and started the ear of text-based websites. Later on, in 1994 W3C was established during the table-based websites period. Another significant milestone is the release of PHP and JavaScript in 1995. However, the ground-breaking point in the history of websites building was the release of CSS in 1996. In the same year, Macromedia launched Flash which changed the Internet forever. Many websites introduce a mix of Flash elements and table-based design.

The infographic published by Designmodo also highlights the website templates and themes explosion, the emergence of responsive web and online website builders. A great benefit of this infographic is that looks up in the future and hints some trends about website building in the near future.

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