"The American Dossier" by Uri Norwich is released today.

A half of our society is in a state of mental disorder. One has to determine which half to belong to.

Online PR News – 20-November-2018 – New York City – Spying Game never stops.

The war is in the Cyberspace now. The payouts are in Crypto Currency. But a good, old assassination cannot be replaced by anything.

- "How much time do I have left to live?" asked the man.
- "You are the property of Mother Russia! We'll tell you when to die." His handler replied.

The year is 2016. The Presidency is up for grabs, again. Once, the man had engineered the election of the first black American President. After eight years of the oblivion, they called on him to prevent losing to an outsider. Just like before, death, destruction, and a trail of assassinations follow him.

This time, it hits home. When the man learns that his KGB handlers are after an innocent young woman close to him, he sets out to save her life. Soon he finds that she too joined the assassin's trade to avenge the deaths of her own.

Russian Election Meddling is here again. There was no need for the meddling. It has been going on much longer than most people realize.

The novel is a sequel to "The American Deluge," published in 2014.

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