Naperville Internet Marketing Firm Helps Small Businesses With Event Marketing

The Constant Contact Event Marketing service gives small businesses the opportunity to manage every step from promoting the event and sending the invitations, to accepting registrations and processing the payments.

Online PR News – 11-November-2009 – – The popular newsletter marketing company, Constant Contact, has released a new service for companies to promote and manage live events online. The Constant Contact Event Marketing service gives small businesses the opportunity to manage every step from promoting the event and sending the invitations, to accepting registrations and processing the payments. Now small business owners can increase customer involvement and develop better relationships through Event Marketing.

The main steps involved in Event Marketing include promoting the event, capturing registration data and payment information, and tracking attendance, registration, payment and any other related information. One of the keys to the success of Event Marketing is that each step is done in real time, so the event host can analyze up to date information every time he/she needs to.

One key feature included in the promotion phase of Event Marketing is the event link that can easily be included on any website, social network or blog. This function allows the event to be widely publicized and viewed by a much larger group of people. Since all changes are in real time, the link to the event will always send the visitor to the most updated version of the event homepage.

The capture stage of Event Marketing allows the event host to receive registration and payment online and 24 hours a day. It is a simple process for event members to register using either Constant Contact’s basic event registration form or a customized registration form that the event host creates to gather even more information. If the event is not free, the customer can pay immediately after registering by simply using PayPal.

Just like Email Marketing from Constant Contact, Event Marketing allows the event host to track all the important information involved in the event. Without the ability to track things like attendance, payment and feedback, event hosts would not know if a certain event was a success or a failure. Constant Contact makes it easy for them to receive updates on the event and view informative material that Event Marketing creates for the event host.

The goal for this service is to manage communications between the small business and its customers. Event Marketing is also a great tool for other associations and non-profit organizations. Taking e-mail marketing one step further, Event Marketing should drive participation amongst members and strengthen the relationships between customers, as well as between the organization setting up the event and the customer.

Event Marketing includes several different steps that are all done online and via email. Similar to Constant Contact’s Email Marketing, the event host begins by creating an event homepage that they will send to all potential attendees. Once completed, the e-mail invitations are sent out and people can confirm via e-mail as well.

Using Event Marketing won’t break the bank, as there are no registration based charges, and the event host can hold up to 5 concurrent events at a time for only $15 per month. If an event host wants to analyze data outside of the Internet, it can easily be exported to programs like Microsoft Excel as a CSV file. Constant Contact even provides technical support for customers, which includes over 100 support technicians, Webinars and FAQ’s.

Constant Contact lays out the resources for any small business to hold a successful event with their new Event Marketing portal. For more information about how Design & Promote can help and to sign up for this powerful tool, follow the links provided below.

“I think event management has been so time consuming in the past, that companies just want to avoid the headache.” Said Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote. “With Constant Contact Event Marketing, the headache is gone and small business events are better than ever.”

Design & Promote, a Chicago based web design, search engine optimization and newsletter design and management firm is announcing Constant Contact Event Marketing to let small business owners know about this great new service. Design & Promote can help any company utilize the latest effort by Constant Contact to help small businesses promote themselves.

By using Design & Promote’s Constant Contact services, companies are releasing great email newsletters and events every month. The online marketing company helps clients design and manage their Constant Contact events and newsletters, so they can continue to focus on other day-to-day business tasks.