New NIH R01 Grant Writing Manual Includes Step-by-Step Guidance

November 16, 2018 — Bonita Springs, FL. Principal Investigator Leader announces the release of their grant writing manual entitled NIH R01 Grant Expert Writing.

Online PR News – 17-November-2018 – Bonita Springs, FL – Principal Investigator Leader announces the release of their grant writing manual entitled NIH R01 Grant Expert Writing Skills: Everything You Need to Improve Your Scientific Research Funding Success.

In 2017, the overall success rate of R01 grants was only 16% of submitted applications. This means that more than 80% of R01 applications got rejected.

This in-depth, 9-section how-to manual has been designed to help research scientists submit more competitive applications for the highly-sought R01 grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), maximizing their chances for NIH R01 funding.

Each section instructs on a separate, essential part of the R01 grant application process:

• Biosketch: Build reviewer confidence by effectively illustrating your research acumen and capabilities
• Abstract: Craft an Abstract that catches reviewers' attention and keeps them engaged
• Research Environment: Successfully include resources reviewers want to see in your research proposal
• Research Plan: Develop a strong Research Strategy that meets ALL NIH scoring criteria
• Special Considerations: Fully comply with NIH policies and guidelines to prevent early rejection
• Budgets and Compliance: Develop a Budget that is in sync with your Research Strategy
• NIH Review Process: Prepare for common post submission actions and tendencies

This unique manual utilizes recently funded (2016 and 2017) NIH grant applications, as well as veteran grant winners and reviewers to walk you through the R01 application process. The hands-on examples will help researchers quickly understand how to avoid common R01 application missteps and reviewer pet-peeves. Utilizing the proven strategies outlined within will assist them in preparing a stronger, more compliant R01 proposal that is more apt to get their research funded.

Since no research project is the same, this manual also provides alternative strategies to overcome common R01 application challenges. This way researchers can find the strategy that works perfectly for their unique situation.

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The NIH R01 Grant Expert Writing Skills Manual is currently available at an introductory rate until November 22nd.
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