The Bootheel Is Our Family - World Diabetes Day 2018

Bootheel Health Alliance celebrates World Diabetes Day through education.

Online PR News – 15-November-2018 – Sikeston MO – The Bootheel is Our Family
World Diabetes Day 2018
Sikeston, MO- Wednesday, November 14, 2018 is World Diabetes Day with the theme of The Family and Diabetes. Every program at Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium, Inc. is focused on bringing a better future to the entire family. The main focus of Bootheel Health Alliance (BHA) is providing classes and resources to people of all ages and stages of life for diabetes education, diabetes prevention and obesity management.
"It is important to get information into the community that they can prevent and/or manage diabetes through lifestyle changes. We encourage healthier eating and physical activity among people of all ages from children to grandparents." says Rhonda Diebold, Community Outreach Specialist. "BHA does this by going into the community and providing a supportive environment for members of the community to learn ways they can make lifestyle changes. Through increased awareness and education I believe we have the ability to make our community and future generations healthier."
When one member of a family suffers from a chronic illness it impacts the entire family. This is seen across the Bootheel and BHA is working to improve quality of life for our community. BHA classes include information on increasing physical activity, healthier eating, and coping with stress.
BHA is partnering with churches and other community organizations to host classes and programs to bring in every member of the family by reaching beyond the nuclear family. This includes and is not limited to: cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and family friends. By looking at the community as a family unit, it becomes easier to implement changes that help the overall population.
"Diabetes impacts our community because tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with diabetes every year and it can change someone's life tremendously. From constantly monitoring blood sugar and taking medications, to an increase in doctors visits and changes in diet, diabetes can be difficult to live with. The Bootheel Health Alliance comes to the aid of people in the community who are affected by diabetes by providing classes to further educate people of the disease and how to live with it." says Anthony Crawford, Community Health Worker. "BHA also implements a community driven approach to preventing and managing diabetes and obesity by facilitating healthier eating, encouraging physical activity, and expanding access to treatment."
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