Author Gary Albyn partners with a worthy charity.

Online PR News – 14-November-2018 – Pine Mountain Club, CA – As a sign of gratitude for the sacrifices made by US servicemen and women, author Gary Albyn will donate 50% of all royalties generated from the online sale of his book, 'A League of Warriors.'

The Folded Flag Foundation awards educational scholarships to families of both the U.S. military and the U.S. government who have lost their lives while deployed in combat.

Albyn explains the motive behind his deal with Folded Flag Foundation. "I've served in various capacities in a number of hostile environments. I know firsthand the hardships that professional soldiers endure. More importantly, I know there's an element of society which conveniently forgets how their privileges and liberties have been secured. My donation is an acknowledgment of our soldiers' selfless sacrifices."

In his first book, 'A League of Warriors,' it's apparent that the author has drawn inspiration from his own military background, flying skills, extensive travels and bodyguard experiences. Trusting his inner compass, Albyn has never been one to let the grass grow beneath his feet. Declaring war on the mundane, he has amassed an enviable set of skills and experiences along a most extraordinary journey.

Following hard on the heels of 'A League of Warriors,' Albyn recently released the much-anticipated sequel, 'Red Talon.' Interlaced with an almanac of seemingly unconnected world events, the author leaves his readers wondering where fiction ends and history starts.

His books are already garnering high praise: "He does it again! Gary Albyn's mastery simply shines in 'Red Talon.' As a wordsmith and story weaver, he is easily comparable to Wilbur Smith, Edward Rutherfurd and Leon Uris. As an emerging writer of adventure/historical fiction, I predict great things for this guy—I can't wait to see where he takes us next!" (Chris Hamblen. TX, USA)

While 'Red Talon' is a stand-alone story, there is a definite continuation of the thread of the hero's exploits and adventures. "I'd encourage my readers to first get a hold of a copy of the prequel," suggests Albyn. "Besides, fifty-percent of the proceeds from my first book will be going to a most deserving charity."