CustomSoft published its Best Healthcare applications

CustomSoft has wide range of customized Healthcare Software Solutions

Online PR News – 13-November-2018 – Pune – Custom Soft is leading customize healthcare application provider company:
We provide one stop solution for healthcare industry:
100+ developed till date, 2500+actual users of healthcare applications.
We assure 100% client satisfaction and 100% ROI.
Customize Healthcare applications developed by Custom Soft and benefits:

Hospital management system (HMS):
• HMS manages hospital, doctor and patient records
• Improved efficiency in healthcare service
• Increase patient care, Increase productivity
• Manage costs for multiple diagnosis and reports.

Healthcare Database Management Software (DMS):
• Easy to implement and manage
• Increase productivity, Reduces costs
• Improves patient care and satisfaction
• Increases security through audit trails

Healthcare HL7 Software integration:
• Regulate data storage efficiently
• Transfer data of organization from one to other format in less time.
• Allowed Opening of many HL7 files at a time

Electronic Medical Record System (EMR):
• Reducing cost of maintaining the records for each patient and save papers.
• Results are more accurate as EMR software use coding feature.
• Ensure interval time utilized properly for all patients as well as Medical Practioners.
• Results are made available in very short durations to patients and saves courier cost.

Electronic health record system Software (EHR):
• Financial and Operational Enhancement which ultimately support to improve productivity
• Enhance efficiency of handling telephone messages and medication refills
• Improved delivery of patient medicines and reports
• Integration of evidence-based clinical guidelines
• Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing.

Practice Management Software:
• Automat billing, costing, coding and managing medical services.
• Easy to use and store data related to patients
• Automate corrections in coding as per relationships
• Use of Electronic tickler system
• Storage of patient's details is possible

Clinical Software:
• Customize as per your clinical practices and services
• Manage and group clients, consultants, prices
• Automate prior appointment reminders to specific clients
• Automatic data back-up on every two hours

Medical Billing and Coding Software:
• Hassle free Medical Billing
• Easy Medical Billing by using Payroll and taxes
• No need to have manual working staff
• Get paid faster as compared to the manual medical billing processes

CustomSoft Health Insurance Software:
• Combine many systems into one application for improved manageability.
• Reduce maintenance cost by reducing downtime.
• Single database for overall data residing which minimize response time for customer query.
• Insurance software solution standardizes the administrative process for all clients.
• Automate manual task by delivering important and efficient benefits in services.

About Custom Soft:
• Custom Soft, customize web and mobile app development company based in Pune, India. We work in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia,South Africa, Dubai.

• We have experience of working for industries like healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media. We have delivered 1000+ customize applications. We assure our clients highly customization, Reliability, timely delivery at lowest cost. We have achieved 100% client satisfaction in last few years.