Goenka Diamonds MD Navneet Goenka, Sponsors India Charity Event

Navneet Goenka sponsors charity event in rural India. The MD of Goenka Diamonds and CEO Glitzkoin, teamed up with NGO Aarambh.

Online PR News – 11-November-2018 – Kuala Lumpur – Diamond veteran and Managing Director of Goenka Diamonds Navneet Goenka, chose the Indian festival of lights to sponsor a charity event for children in a remote village of rural Maharashtra.

Taking assistance from the reputed NGO Aarambh, the diamond expert put together a fun filled Divali party for needy school children in a remote village of the Satara state. Most inhabitants of the Wai village are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Left to the mercy of monsoon vagaries, villagers are forced to live a hand to mouth existence.

The MD of Goenka Diamonds had this to say, '… Divali is a festive occasion, celebrations are generally very high in bigger cities and towns. There is a sizable portion of Indians living in rural areas, who have to make do with the bare necessities of life - no celebration and no lights …. we at Goenka Diamonds have decided to make a small difference this year. We honestly hope that this encourages other business houses to do the same'.

Held on the premises of the local municipal school, the event was destined to be a hit the moment the excited young kids entered the premises. Going by the preference of the children, the feasting included their favorite snacks - wafers, cream biscuits, samosas and plenty of 'Frooti' juice.

The excitement carried on to the amazing gifts that were readied for the children. Prior to the distribution of the gifts, Aarambh volunteers squeezed in a small lesson related personal hygiene. The excited kids responded well and in return, received a set of items related to hygiene - a cake of soap, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a comb.

It was soon time to distribute the gifts, the kids had waited long enough. Navneet Goenka had something to say about the gift selection, '… my parents had always impressed the importance of education on us …. we were told that the presence of a family business in diamonds, was no reason to take education lightly. It is therefore no surprise that, the gifts handpicked for the children were related to school and education …'.

Each kid received a school backpack that consisted of a pencil box, few notebooks and a lunch box. It was time to go home and the children were all smiles as they rushed to meet their parents who were waiting outside. It was indeed a bright and fun filled Divali, for the children at Wai.

Speaking about the future the Goenka Diamonds MD, had this to say, '… we are going to do this more often, (we) will obviously rely on the expertise of Aarambh to execute our plans …'.


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