TechnoArt LIVE 2018 announced keynotes from the leading Media and Music companies in the world.

TechnoArt LIVE 2018 Tech conference for Art, Media and Entertainment will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel November 15th, 2018.

Online PR News – 09-November-2018 – Tel Aviv, Israel – TechnoArt LIVE 2018 announced keynotes from the leading Media and Music companies in the world.
TechnoArt LIVE international conference for Art, Media and Entertainment technology will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 15th, 2018.

Announced Keynotes Alex Kamins and Tiago Correia, Heads of Innovation at Warner Music Group, Tom Wheeley, VP Global Business Development at The Orchard (Sony Music) and Tristan Jehan, Founder of The Echos Nest and Head of Research and Innovation at Spotify.
TechnoArt LIVE is happening this year for the 3rd time, powered by - The first Art Technology Incubator founded by Socialterminals.

TechnoArt, the leading Incubator for Art, Media and Entertainment technology in the world has announced TechnoArt LIVE 2018, taking place November 15th, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv Israel.

TechnoArt LIVE, the leading technology conference in its field, will include Panels, discussions and presentations by the top industry leaders in the music, media and entertainment industry.
The conference will focus on the challenges that the industry is facing in the era of technological innovation, their vision for the future and the new opportunities available to the artists community today. From creating content for the new emerging channels of engagement in the IOT space - smart phone, smart TVs, connected cars, connected homes, airplanes and wearable technology through new forms of artistic content from gaming, AR/VR and more.

TechnoArt LIVE will present startup companies and innovative products in the space and provide access to Israel's technological innovation in the Media, Art and Entertainment world.

Announced speakers include Alex Kumins - Head of Digital at WMG, Tom Wheeley - VP Global Business development at The Orchard (Sony Music) and founder of the Echos Nest - Tristan Jehan, Head of research and Innovation at Spotify.

Additional guests will include head of Universal Israel, Ronnie Braun, General Manager of I AM+, Noam Fine and more.

The conference will host the leading Investors and VCs in the space from Nielsen innovation, JVP, Viola Innovation and carduman capital.

TechnoArt LIVE startup gallery will present the most innovative startup companies offering new products for the industry. TechnoArt LIVE startup competition will take place in the afternoon, among the judges Dr. Dan Maron, Ronnie Braun, Alex Kumins and Shani Peled. The winning venture will be provided with round trip to the US to meet with the top investors and media companies in the world.

TechnoArt, is the leading Incubator for the Media, Art and Entertainment industries, was founded by socialterminals CEO, Shani Peled who serves as a mentor for the ventures along side music producer and former president of columbia records Steve greenberg, Charles Renfro, Ronnie Braun, Claude Brightman and prominent artists, investors and industry leaders in the world.

TechnoArts objective is to invest and develop technological solutions for the art world that can provide new business models to support the industry and the artist community.
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See Agenda below

TechnoArt LIVE 2018 Agenda
8:30 - 9:15 AM - Morning Coffee & Early Birds' Networking

9:15 -9:45 AM - Conference Kick-Off by our Honored Guests
Mr. Eli Cohen- Minister of Economy
Mr. Ron Huldai - Mayor of Tel Aviv

9:45 AM - Opening Panel - Technology to Shape the Future of Media & Entertainment
Digital music downloads are quickly declining and being replaced by streaming. For the price of a single digital album download, consumers can gain access to tens of millions of songs via streaming services. with over 100 million people now subscribed to such services around the world.
Video streaming revenue is also growing from $30.29 billion in 2016 to an incredible $70.05 billion by 2021, as consumers continue to embrace pay TV and OTT solutions for streaming videos. Among other things, streaming powers the growth of digital distribution, creating more opportunities for independent artists.
Representatives from BMG, Warner, Sony, Spotify and I AM + will discuss the Tech Trends to Watch in Music, TV, and Other Creative Industries.
Participants: Tiago Correia - WMG, Noam Fine - IM+, Tom Wheeley - The Orchard, Tristan Jehan - Spotify

10:15 AM - On the Spotlight - The Future Is Data-Driven, So What Does The Data Say?
As digital and streaming solutions increasingly dominate the media industry, the role of data is rapidly evolving from being important to becoming absolutely vital.
Technological advancements continue to transform every aspect of the media industry, from artist and concept development to licensing and the manner in which people consume their favorite music and TV shows. And data sits in the center of this entertainment revolution.
Spotlight with Head of research and Innovation at Spotify - Tristan Jehan

10:45 AM - Money Talks - Monetizing your content and Finding the Right partner to connect with
Today landscape has altered the way Artists can Reach International Markers. With high demand for premium content and availability of online distribution platforms, artists have new ways of generating revenue from their content, online marketing channels and even public appearances.
This panel of experts in Monetization, Distribution and Rights management will discuss the new ways artists can monetize their content, connect directly to advertisers and use distribution tools that can connect them to larger audiences.
Participants: Arik Ben Yair -, Tom Wheeley - The Orchard, Kobi Farhi - Orphaned Land, Yuval Sharir - View Music

11:30 AM - The Future of Creative Industries in a Connected World
Technology is driving the digital revolution while consumers increasingly embrace innovative solutions for their media consumption. Our world is now connected through the internet and social media in ways that exceed even the wildest imaginations of technology innovators from the past.
The growing access to a myriad of devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, connected cars and connected homes, enables people to be online virtually anywhere and anytime, consuming music and television shows on-the-go. And it is this fundamental shift in consumer behavior and technological advancement that's driving the rapid growth of music and video streaming.
Participants: Join representatives from the automotive industry, smarts home, aviation and wearable technology discuss the growing adoption rate and how to take a bite of this 500 Billion dollar industry.

12:15 PM Entertainment - The Next Generation
While the media and entertainment industry was one of the first sectors of business to navigate digital disruption, its transformation is far from over.
The industry revenues is expected to reach $792.3 billion by 2022, up from 666.9 billion in 2017.
This panel will discuss how the entertainment industry has reinvested it self by integrating advance technological solution in its new product offering from live performance streaming, virtual concerts in VR and tools that provide access to entertainment to produce a concert in your own living room.
Join representatives from the leading VR and gaming industry and innovative solution such as self serve concert production platform to discuss what the future of entertainment will looks like in the coming years.

1 PM - Tech.Talent.Talk.Target over lunch
Round table discussions over launch with representatives from the top music and media labels in the world. Looking to meet new talent from musicians, performers, producers, labels, entrepreneurs, tech startups and more.
Come break bread and share your views with Reps from Warner, Sony, Spotify, Universal and more. >>>> Click here to Register

2 PM - Rewriting the Script For Entertainment Investment
Not surprisingly, the competition for streaming dollars has been growing exponentially. One of the biggest recent stories was Disney's announcement that it is severing its distribution deal with Netflix in favor of launching its own streaming service in 2019. And now it is officially confirmed that Disney is buying some of 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets, including the Fox movie and television studio and a share of Hulu, which will allow Disney to increase its television production to provide exclusive content on its forthcoming streaming offering.
Representatives from the top VCs and Angel Investor will discuss the new opportunities in the space and how content driven technology has altered the valuation process.
Moderator: Ronen Solomon, Altshuler Shacham
Participants: Alex Kumins - WMG, Roy Gottlieb , Cardumen Capital, Dov Yarkoni - Nielson Innovation Fund Daniel Cohen -Viola Group

2:45 PM - THE NEW INVESTMENT SPHERE - Artists, Startups and Labels securing funding through Innovation
From Crowdfunding, Blockchain to Equity Based Trading - This segment will present new opportunities for artists, production companies and labels raise money and secure investments.
Hosted by Dr. Dan Marom, Author of CROWDFUNDING - The Corporate Era.

3:30 PM Media Most Innovative Startups
Curating the most innovative Tech Startups in the Media space, TechoArt will present the ones that has the highest potential for growth in 2019.
Coming out of Israel, These pre-selected ventures will have the opportunity to pitch their product to the top media companies and investors in the world looking to get the endorsement of at least 3 Board members for the chance to win a trip to NYC and LA, Meetings with the top executives in the Media space and more

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