Malta (Blockchain Island) Launches Its Blockchain Summit

A blockchain summit was held in Malta on the 1st and 2nd November.

Online PR News – 06-November-2018 – London – Malta (Blockchain Island) Launches Its Blockchain Summit

A blockchain summit was held in Malta on the 1st and 2nd November. It was a very interesting end to the week with keynote speeches from respected names such as Hartej Sawhney, Yolanda Cook and John McAfee. We even had an appearance from Sophia the robot on both days.

The Reason Behind This Summit
Malta became the first county ever to receive jurisdiction worldwide to regulate cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain technologies.
"Malta is providing companies with a legal framework to do so," mentions Erin White, a developer at ABPT (Asset Backed Palladium Token). Mrs. White goes on to say, "This could be the start of many new exciting things to happen, the sky is really the limit, especially when we have precious metals like palladium and platinum on the constant rise again all year round"
Malta the Blockchain Island
Malta is now going by the name of the "Blockchain Island." Thousands of delicates, investors, and entrepreneurs will be attracted to Malta now because of the openness and proactive government. Their focus is completely on innovation, and the fact that the legislators release new laws to ensure designers, and entrepreneurs have the all the legal space they need to create their future innovations."
AT the event, many businesses launched their products, due to laws being passed on the same date, so it really was the perfect timing for the Maltese government and creators and innovators all over the globe.