Scott's Air Explains Why an Older HVAC System May be Costing You Money

Scott's Air, one of Orlando's leading AC and heating companies, explains why it may make sense to replace an older AC with a new system.

Online PR News – 05-November-2018 – Orlando – Did you know that older, well-maintained AC systems can lose efficiency over time and end up costing you extra money to run? Scott's Air, one of Orlando's leading air conditioning and heating companies, explains that an old AC is similar to an old car, after a while things start to wear out to the point where it makes sense to buy a new one.

"When it is time to replace an older system, we can help," said Scott. "While there are upfront costs to replace, recent advances in technology means greater performance, more efficiency, and long-term savings on operating costs."

There are several reasons that your old AC may be running poorly:

1. A Dirty Condenser: Check your outdoor condenser unit for dirt and/or debris. These foreign objects can prevent your condenser coil from effectively releasing heat, so that your air conditioner has to work harder. Cleaning your condenser coil is not something you should attempt on your own; this should be done by the repair professionals at Scott's Air.

2. Clogged Air Filters: Your air conditioning system comes standard with an air filter that protects inside components; over time this air filter can become clogged. As a result, there could be a restriction of air flow, which will cause energy drain. Be sure to check your filter each month to see if it needs to be cleaned or changed. Note: your air filter should be changed every 1-3 months.

3. The Age of the System: You may diligently maintain your air conditioner, however eventually the components will begin to wear down and start to develop a drop in energy efficiency. In general, a properly serviced air conditioner lasts approximately 10-15 years. If yours is older than this, it could be time for you to call Scott's Air to discuss a new system!

If it is time to buy, the good news is that advanced technology has produced AC systems that are cleaner, quieter and more cost effective than older models. For example, improvements in fan-blade shape and compressor technology have created models that make a fraction of the noise of older units. Plus, a new refrigerant, known generically as R410A, is better for the earth. Another positive to note is that overall energy use is on the decline - 20 years ago, a typical system might use 6,000 watts of electricity per hour to cool an average-size house. Today, that same house can be cooled with as little as 1,710 watts per hour, a significant improvement in operating efficiency.

"While we service and install many brands, Scott's Air strongly recommends Bryant heating and cooling systems," said Scott. "Bryant equipment stands out as one of the best in the industry due to its unparalleled performance in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and comfort."

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