VENA Was Awarded a Blockchain Star Project Invested by Exchanges in 2018

A few days ago, a report from ICO Analytics showed that VENA entered the list of blockchain star projects invested by exchange in 2018.

Online PR News – 05-November-2018 – Suntec – A few days ago, a report from ICO Analytics showed that VENA entered the list of blockchain star projects invested by exchange in 2018 . Both KuCoin and Digifinex participated in the investment in VENA in 2018.

To judge whether a blockchain project is valuable, there are many dimensions and perspectives. The investors of the project are a very important factor. Among the many investors, the exchange is category that is worthy of intention.

For other types of investors, if the project they invested in had no value and failed in the end, the investors would only make a failed investment; but for the exchange, the project that they invested in is likely to ICO in their own exchanges. A failed project is likely to have a negative impact on the exchange itself, causing trouble for the exchange and affecting its reputation. Therefore, the exchange will be more cautious than other investors in terms of investment projects. As for foreign investment, the exchange can do a better judgement for the star projects because they have abundant project experience.

So, exchanges' decision-making is more informative on investment projects than other investors and the investment projects are usually worthier of market attention.

ICO Analytics is a blockchain project analysis organization that combines the opinions of other ICO rating websites and many independent experts. Recently, ICO Analytics selected some of the excellent blockchain projects that have been traded as investors in this year, and the VENA Network was listed.

In fact, the VENA Network is one of the projects that is most valuable for investment in 2018. The early investors also included the capital, consensus laboratories, etc. It can be seen that VENA's financial value and product strategy have gained market recognition from the beginning.

Vena Network is a project based on blockchain finance, dedicated to building a decentralized digital asset financing network. In this global network, anyone can conduct peer-to-peer digital asset mortgage lending and OTC transactions anytime, anywhere, allowing digital currency and legal currency to flow freely.

The core value of the Vena Network is that through such an asset-based network based on blockchain technology, asset transactions should be possible between the parties involved, without the need for intermediaries, and people should be free to manage their assets without Interfered with third parties, which significantly improves liquidity and transparency. At the same time, this network is also spanning digital assets and traditional assets. It can realize the issuance of token-based assets. The issued tokens are closed-loop with other types of assets, and exchange between various assets without trusting third parties.

We can see that on this list, Digifinex is a well-known exchange that only invests in two projects, including the Vena Network, which gives you a glimpse of the value of the Vena Network.

In addition, VENA exchange investors (KuCoin) also have a good reputation in the industry. Even in the bear market, KuCoin's break rate is only 47.37% lower than the global average; monthly visits ranked the world's fifth with 1.21 million; the first exchange VC road. It is reported that KuCoin will also become a starting platform after the exchange of VENA certificates.

In terms of project landings, the Vena Network's beta version has been launched. The current version provides asset lending and OTC trading functions. Currency transactions and more financial derivatives functions will also be available in subsequent releases.

From November 5th to November 15th, the Vena Network will launch ICO on its official website (, the TOKENPLUS and LeekICO.

On November 10th, the benchmark for bitcoin-based mortgage lending will be launched for everyone to invest. Once you participate in the VENA's ICO, you're eligible to purchase financing products with annualized return of up to 20%. Vena Network is committed to building the first point-to-point financial network of digital currency, effectively matching high-quality capital assets.