'Voting With a Porpoise' Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Voting with a Porpoise, a new illustrated children's book about elections, has won a Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com

Online PR News – 02-November-2018 – Menlo Park, Calif. – "Voting With a Porpoise," a new children's book about elections and democracy, has won a Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com. The Parent and Teacher Awards recognize products that "make a difference in children's lives."

"Voting With a Porpoise," which was written by Russell Glass and Sean Callahan and illustrated by Daniel Howarth, was chosen unanimously by the Parent and Teacher Award Team.

"Teaching kids to vote is what sustains a healthy democracy and this book not only has a beautiful, non-partisan story all kids will relate to, but it provides tips in the back for parents and teachers so they can expand their teaching about the importance of voting," the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team wrote in announcing the award.

"The authors write a compelling story in Voting with a Porpoise that every child should read at home and in school. 'Voting With a Porpoise' tells about the need to survive and how to best solve the problem peacefully, by holding an election and voting. The additional lessons embedded in the story about kindness and compassion share several other important lessons for kids, too. One of the things we love most about 'Voting with a Porpoise' is that it is both timeless and timely and reiterates what every voter know - together, we can make a difference! Bravo Russell and Sean!"

"Sean and I wrote 'Voting With a Porpoise,' because we believe that the culture around voting in the United States, particularly among young people who vote at far lower rates than older Americans, has to change," Russell Glass, who is a board member of Rock the Vote and CEO of Ginger.io. "With our book, we hope to begin to convince future voters about the importance of making their voice heard in our democracy."

"We're very proud and grateful to be recognized by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team," Sean Callahan, a marketer at LinkedIn and author of 'The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow' and other other children's books. "Russ and I also want to thank Daniel Howarth, whose amazing undersea illustrations make this book come alive."

"Voting With a Porpoise" is available for purchase on Amazon.com.