Hodusoft Announce Video Conferencing Software on Monthly Subscription

Video conferencing technologies evolve to suit user preferences and Hodusoft's monthly subscription video conferencing solution is right at the forefront.

Online PR News – 01-November-2018 – Texas – Hodusoft, a division of Ecosmob, global leaders in VoIP technologies, announced launch of monthly subscription based video conferencing software for small, medium and large enterprises. The software, apart from its easy subscription service, brings along a host of cutting edge technical innovations according to the VP of the company.

Hodusoft's conferencing software is multi-dimensional. One can just as easily conduct one to one audio conferences as one can initiate group conferencing for collaboration. The company's software has evolved to include virtually all the software based codecs that are currently in use worldwide. This translates to seamless call quality regardless of originating and terminating points of the call. Inclusion of WebRTC makes it possible to use even mobile devices and browsers to carry on a one-on-one chat or a group conference without the need for dedicated hardware or installation of software. Hodusoft delivers true telepresence experience through its multiway technology refined after feedbacks from existing users. It includes data sharing facility which is another big reason to opt for it. There is no need for dedicated hardware. A desktop with  webcam, microphone and speakers is sufficient. A mobile phone works just as well.

That big names like UNICEF, Erutel, Dor-Systems, Livpure and Vistaprint use Hodusoft software for video conference is proof enough of how feature rich and user friendly the software is. A lot can be done to save time, improve efficiency and reduce effort simply by switching over to video conferencing solutions. Teams located in various locations can collaborate online, share documents and exchange messages or view presentations. The solution is fully secure to assure peace of mind. A seamless video call/conference experience is assured by seamless integration of codecs and intelligent video streaming to handle bandwidths at various points with lowest latency figures. In short, using the video conference is just as good as having a face to face talk.

Elaborating on the offering of video conferencing as a monthly subscription service, the company's VP said that this model would hopefully draw in more users from a wider segment, even including small home based businesses. Usage patterns vary as research has shown. We have business users with heavy traffic at one end small businesses with just a few conferences in a month. The monthly subscription pack is modeled to suit all types of users, their budgets and needs and should propel Hodusoft to leadership position in video conferencing solutions worldwide.

Asked about future plans, Hodusoft said it is working on implementing Salsify technologies and blockchain to make its video conferencing solution even better and more secure. Meanwhile, the company welcomes inquiries from cloud based monthly subscription video conferencing solutions.

Interested people may get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or live chat on website www.hodusoft.com.