Asterisk Service Announce Asterisk WebRTC Solution Development Services for Enterprises

WebRTC has revolutionized communications and conferencing, making it an indispensable tool for businesses.

Online PR News – 01-November-2018 – TEXAS – Asterisk Service, a division of Ahmedabad based VoIP developer Ecosmob, announced launch of Asterisk WebRTC solution development for enterprises. Speaking on the occasion, the VP of Asterisk Service said that their WebRTC software is far superior and integrates well into existing infrastructure to deliver a seamless user experience.

"WebRTC is made up of several protocols and APIs. Just how well these are integrated into WebRTC software development can determine usability as well as backend performance. Our WebRTC solution development experts customize architecture and implementation for flawless performance," he claimed. WebRTC development factors in latency, protocol overheads and implementation of scalable video for a latency-free, jitter-free video conferencing experience regardless of bandwidths at either ends.  He went on to explain the possible use scenarios of WebRTC clients and benefits to businesses.

A business may be small or it may be large with international operations. In the latter case, communication between teams of employees and collaboration is just as important as interactions with customers as well as manufacturers and vendors. WebRTC applications resolve communication into a seamles experience using a browser in a desktop computer or on a mobile with a headphone, microphone and a webcam. No hardware is required. This does away with infrastructure capital expenditure and running costs. Even mobile workforce can easily participate in audio or video conference and get work done.

Asterisk Service can come up with WebRTC clients that can be incorporated into client websites to endow them with chat facility.

Healthcare and education are other industry segments where WebRTC can make a definitive change to communication and interaction. Doctors can view a patient located anywhere and interact as well as refer to his records. Education sector can leverage the power of WebRTC to conduct classrooms on a global scale, reaching out to even individuals in remote villages, something that traditional conferencing solutions cannot achieve. It is possible for manufacturing units to incorporate WebRTC to monitor plant functioning and, with AI as well as IoT, take it a step further for remote automation of production.

There is immediacy to WebRTC communications that one cannot find elsewhere in that data can be shared while two or more people are carrying on a conversation. It is possible to show screen, capture screen, make a video presentation, show slides and graphics and even send across documents, all during the conference. One can easily see how this dramatically improves productivity and efficiency. Executives in different locations need not waste time, money and effort to come together for a meeting. WebRTC helps them do that and use the saved time for more productive tasks. Another prime advantage is session mobility in which a user can start a session on his desktop and then leave the place and take up the conversation with his mobile device. Asterisk Service WebRTC implementations are highly secure since authentication is through OAuth-2.

Asterisk Service may be contacted by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or via live chat on its website