Watu Safaris Focuses Into Tailor-Made Safari Options To Serve Potential Tourists To Tanzania

Being the best safari country Tanzania has a lot to offer. Choose Tanzania for tailor-made African Safari Experience to suit your interests, budget and time.

Online PR News – 05-November-2018 – Morogoro, Tanzania – When it comes to African safari countries then Tanzania is the best safari country in the World. It is not by chance, it is because more than 1/3 of the country's land is protected as National Parks, Game Reserves, Game controlled areas, forest reserves, marine reserve, Mountains, historical sites and many other potential tourist destinations ready to offer you memorable African Safari Experiences tailored to your needs.

It is important for customers to participate and have the power to plan create and enjoy their safari depending on their interests budget and time

While on safari or when planning for the next trips in Tanzania tourists are faced with many options to choose from due to the country's abundance of tourist's attractions, to help with this Watu Safaris has focused its African safari experiences into tailor made safari options to help potential tourists visiting Tanzania to have an easy way to create and live their dream safari. While speaking to the public and customers who had just finished their safari in Mikumi National Park recently the company founder Mr. Majenda Mhutila emphasized that it is important for customers to participate and have the power to plan, create and enjoy their safari depending on their interests, budget and time while Watu Safaris as a travel company will oversee that the tailored trip comes into life in Tanzania. Tanzania has a lot to offer to tourists and there are many Safari options tourists can undertake with their loved one to have a life time memorable experience.

If seeing was touching then for each safari option you choose to undertake in Tanzania you are guaranteed to touching hundreds of wild animals which includes but not limited to Lions, Giraffe, Zebras, Buffalos, Elephants, Wildebeests, hippos, Crocodiles, many different types of Antelopes, hundreds of different bird species roaming their natural undisturbed environments. To name just few interesting tourist areas, it is in Tanzania where you will find World known safari destinations such as Serengeti, Kilimanjaro Mountains, Tarangire, Manyara, Arusha, Ngorongoro conservation area, Selous Game Reserves, Ruaha and Zanzibar Island. Other unexplored safari areas include Mikumi, Saadani, Udzungwa Mountains, Katavi, Kitulo and Gombe. Due to its position in the World history Tanzania has many historical sites including Olduvai Gorge, Bagamoyo historical site, Stone town historical town and many other areas where tourists can learn and experience the past history of mankind. The people of Tanzania are the friendliest persons on the World, welcoming and always ready to share their abundance of traditions and culture with guests. There are more than 120 tribes that live together without any problem, all united by Swahili language as the National Language and never separated by any religious affiliations.

Watu Safaris is a local company based in Morogoro Tanzania which has been offering tailor made Tanzania Safari Options since its establishments in 2010, all their sample Safari Itineraries as listed into their website to visit Tanzania can be customized accordingly to the customers' needs. All tours are organized and executed in a personal, friendly yet professional approach. At Watu Safaris while creating a tailor-made safari a potential tourist sends an email to the company email address, he/she will receive a quick response with request for further information or with requested program and associated advise to improve the request. After this initial contact customers are able to rewrite and ask questions as many times as possible at any time they want until a final program and quotation is agreed upon. Customers are met and greeted at their chosen pickup place, briefed on the agreed program and timings before the safari continues. At the end of the trip customers are free to provide their feedback about the trip and anything that can improve the company services. Your next safari be it in the near or far future is just a click away and at Watu Safaris they are very happy to be able to help you create and live the dream safari you have ever wanted to and you could be on the way to touching wild animals on safari in Tanzania, by your eyes!

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