Hodusoft Announce Social media (Facebook & Twitter) Channel in Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Multichannel engagement and immediacy drive contact center operations and with in mind Hodusoft its feature rich contact centersoftwareto social media channels.

Online PR News – 30-October-2018 – Texas – Hodusoft, a division of Ecosmob, and well known for its packaged VoIP solutions, announced that it has upgraded its contact center software to include support for Facebook and Twitter. These are inarguably the two most popular channels and users of Hodusoft solutions will receive the updates automatically at no cost according to the VP of the company.

There is more to come according to the VP. He said that in a short time Hodusoft's call center software will also have support for Whatsapp and Instagram with more in future. After all, social media is now the prime communication channel and omitting it from the omnichannel contact center software would be a cardinal omission.

As it is Hodusoft's CC solution is extremely powerful and completely omnichannel in allowing seamless interaction through email, SMS, Chat, Voice, Video and social media. Hodusoft cares for its contact center customers and has always been improving and upgrading CC solutions to keep in line with emerging trends. Omnichannel facility permits an agent to receive a call or query on one channel and seamlessly switch to another channel, all the while keeping track of all that has been going on in these channels. The result is excellent customer satisfaction. Since Facebook and Twitter, by their nature, permit easy exchanges and immediate responses, these two were taken up for immediate integration while whatsapp and instagram integrations are on the way.

Hodusoft's CC software already has class leading features like predictive dialer, auto dialer, skill based mapping and automatic call distribution. Not long ago Hodusoft integrated WebRTC allowing audio and video chats as well as conferencing, thereby raising quality of service to a higher level.  This was followed up with chat integration into websites. Further, all these are capped by real time analytics and reports for strategic improvements of operations, all in one compact package that can be deployed in an hour or so.

Delighted call center customers have remained loyal to Hodusoft for their excellence in technical aspects of the CC solutions as well as prompt responses and timely support. That Hodusoft CC is available as a hosted service makes it all the more attractive for existing customers and an invitation to new customers to try out the software that will introduce a paradigm shift in their operations.

It is not just call centers that can benefit by using Hodusoft CC; even small and large enterprises can make innovative use of it to serve customers as well as conduct campaigns that contribute to the bottom line. Facebook and Twitter integration will automatically push to existing customers and new customers who like the idea of social media integrated omnichannel CC software may get in touch with Hodusoft to explore possibilities.

Hondusoft's CC software is a class act and has contributed to call center successes worldwide. Interested people may contact Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or via live chat on their website http://www.hodusoft.com.