Asterisk Service Announce Asterisk Payment IVR Integration

Recently announced payment IVR integration from Asterisk Service helps them achieve both goals.

Online PR News – 30-October-2018 – TEXAS – Asterisk Service, a division of Ecosmob, announced availability of Asterisk payment IVR integration for various industry sectors such as banking, insurance, travel, healthcare, real estate and the ecommerce space.

Speaking on the occasion, the company's VP said that Asterisk Service can offer payment IVR solution right from the ground up or use its expertise in AGI scripting to integrate payments into existing Asterisk IVR solution or IVRs from any other vendor.

Payment IVR integration takes existing IVR solutions to another level. IVRs are commonly used by customers to find information or to make appointments or book tickets among other activities. Inclusion of payment into the IVR completes the chain and can possibly result in higher conversions as well as loyalty, according to the VP. There are obvious benefits to payment IVRs such as 24x7 availability, high security and confidentiality as well as reductions in cost. Staff can be deployed to handle more productive tasks. Chances of human errors reduce. Customers are more likely to trust automated payment IVRS because there is no risk of an agent misusing card details.

Asterisk payment IVR is fully customizable to suit specific business models to achieve smooth workflows and ease of use from the customer perspective. From the client perspective, payment IVR can be tied to existing CRMs that automatically calls up data about a caller and speeds up the process. A measure of AI integration into payment IVR helps the system achieve smart capabilities instead of a dumb strictly hierarchical process that could be frustrating for some callers. For instance, a caller may not find any of the options presented to be of any use and may wish to talk directly with a customer service representative before proceeding with payment.

Asterisk Service, said the VP, are experts in leveraging the power of the open source Asterisk Platform and have delivered outstanding IVR solutions for travel, healthcare, banking, industry and ecommerce sectors. Payment integration just completes the circle of automation. The company's expertise in Asterisk technologies helps them when it comes to customization and in fine tuning modules to work flawlessly and with reduced load on existing infrastructure. If required, payment IVR can be plugged into call center software too. The company can scale IVR for payment processing according to the size of the organization. Utilities, for example, would need a system capable of handling high volumes of traffic whereas enterprises may wish for a more compact system but with all the features in place that help them to deliver a better customer experience. The solution can be customized and configured for multiple languages, further easing matters for customers. "And the best thing is," concluded the VP, "our custom IVRs for payment are far more affordable while being technologically miles ahead of the competition."

Asterisk Service welcomes inquiries from existing users of Asterisk IVRs as well as new customers who may dial 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or have a chat on website