David H. Brooks And His 'Not So' DEFECTIVE Body Armor

Cop Saved from Body Armor that the NYPD had THOUGHT was Defective.

Online PR News – 22-January-2009 – – In 1983 the New York Police Department started protecting their officers with body armor jackets designed by David H. Brooks and his founding company DHB Industries. Since that time the department has had eighty-one officers saved from these state of the art vests. The vests protected their officers from gun shots, explosive devices, knifes and more.

The world was confident in these vests that they were going to save lives and make law enforcement a safer place for Americans. In the fall of 2002, the great record that David H. Brooks and his company had built for themselves was threatened by a scandal when the police department announced its absurd vote of no confidence in the vests ability to protect their officers despite the evidence from past encounters.

The department then fired the company that they were purchasing the vests from but continued using them after agreeing with the vest supplier to replace the suspected defective vests, and receive the newer models at a discounted price.

In May 2003 a young police officer by the name of Peter Garrito was attempting to question a suspected criminal when the suspect was noticed with a gun. The police officer retrieved the gun and as he bent down to pick up the gun the suspect pulled out a second handgun and shot Garrito in the chest above his heart at point blank range. As Garrito fell to the ground the suspect began to flee the scene to leave Garrito to his fate.

Remarkably, Garrito was able to bring himself up to shoot the suspect several times to bring him down. Garrito was saved due to the safety of these 'defective' body armor jackets that David H. Brooks and DHB Industries has designed to save our law enforcement officers This young man should not have been alive to see his friends and family anymore but he was because of the commitment from David H. Brooks.