China's Orecco Electric Announces Special Quality Control Month That Will Last Until the End of 2018

Orecco Electrical announced that they will be holding a special Quality Control Month, that will actually last until the end of 2018.

Online PR News – 30-October-2018 – Yueqing/Zhejiang – It's broadly agreed when it comes to business success, that in many areas "quality is king". The is certainly true when it comes to power transfer devices like those from China-based Orecco Electric. In news sure to excite customers, the company has reaffirmed their devotion to producing absolute top quality products, with them celebrating a special Quality Control month that will be extended all of the way to the start of 2019. Already dedicated to quality, the company believes that there is always room for improvement, which is the inspiration for this exciting effort.

"At the beginning, our employees are not satisfied with our own strict standards, thinking there is no need to make the products to this high level of standard, this procedure caused one of the ring main unit order in 11kv grade and 24kv grade delayed 5 days delivery time.But after two weeks, when we saw our customer's satisfaction reach 100%, we all saw it was a real breakthrough," commented a spokesperson from Orecco Electric. "To award this accomplishment, this is the first time in the history of our company, that all of our workshop employees received a bonus of around 800RMB. Now they are consciously used to this quality and know and understand why it is necessary for our company and their own personal success."

Orecco has over 15-years experience being a professional power supplier delivering ideal first and secondary power distribution solutions. Some highlights of the product categories they offer, which are all looked at under the strict eye of both their team in general and quality control specialists specifically, include RMU Ring Main Units; Air Insulated Switchgear; both Indoor and Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Builders; SF6 Gas Insulated Substations; Electrical Distribution Transformers; and much more.

The company is always willing to work with clients on the specifics and details of each order, making sure that their first or secondary power distribution solutions meet their client's needs as perfectly as possible.

Jason S., from Africa, recently said in a five-star review, "We have worked with Orecco Electric to meet our needs before and have always been satisfied. Knowing their commitment to quality is so high is very reassuring."

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