Enthralling New Novel Explores Redemption's Undying Draw in a Digital Age

Divine Choreography of Redemption explores the story of redemption as a divine drama transcending time and space.

Online PR News – 26-October-2018 – New York, NY – William Jefferson's Divine Choreography of Redemption: Setting the Eternal Saga in Time offers a deeply moving portrayal of the meaning of faith in a world wistfully enchanted by the prospects of artificial intelligence and algorithmic command.

With prophetic insight and disarming wit, the author adroitly illustrates the inevitable clash between the universal advance of digital technology and the human quest for sacred space. The novel covers a terrain of theological and literary reflection—from Dante Alighieri to Jesus Christ and William Shakespeare to Marshall McLuhan—as it probes the relationship of reality and myth.

The 162-page novel was published by New York publisher Hybrid Global in May of this year and quickly picked up five-star reviews from Indie Reader, Readers' Favorite, and Midwest Book Review.

"As all allegories, Divine Choreography of Redemption is a symbolic search for meaning which the reader unlocks like a puzzle," explains reviewer Kat Kennedy for Indie Reader. "It doesn't disappoint. Intriguing and thought-provoking, this modern allegory is a must-read."

Intelligent Fiction At Its Finest

Readers' Favorite critic Jamie Michele offers like-minded praise. "This book is intelligent fiction at its finest," she writes, "and while it isn't really very lengthy, it feels like it carries a world of weight within its pages."

Michele adds, "It's clear Jefferson is skilled in the craft of writing, particularly when the story weaves through spirited observation and a doctrinal examination, but to be able to do this with liberal doses of humor and make it entertaining requires an altogether higher talent. Readers will find a book that entertains and delights while engaged in a careful dance that leads us on a beautifully intelligent path of reflection."

The novel is set beyond the Storied Sea on the ancient Isle of Estillyen, which readers will be hard-pressed to pinpoint on a Rand McNally map. Just the same, Jefferson contends that although the Isle of Estillyen is "equally far from everywhere, those who wish to explore the isle shall find it mystically near."

Still, a challenge awaits everyone who embarks on an Estillyen voyage. "To reach the isle," Jefferson claims, "one must willingly breach the Estillyen mist." It is here, beyond the Estillyen mist, that the author explores spiritual redemption and how technology has fundamentally changed the human experience. The result is a slightly unnerving yet hope filled drama that transcends time and place.

Despite the ambitious subject matter and depth of prose, Divine Choreography of Redemption reads as an enchanting, spirited drama. Readers will ponder the novel's interlacing themes—redemption, human worth, good and evil, time and eternity—long after they've turned the final page.

About the Author: Having lived and worked in London, Moscow, and New York, today William Jefferson writes from a Civil War-era cottage in the rural Ozarks. He is the author of Messages from Estillyen: A Novel of Redemption and Human Worth and owner of Storybook Barn (http://www.storybookbarnmo.com). Jefferson holds an MTh in Theology and Media from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Communications from the Wheaton Graduate School.

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