New Book Reveals Ancient Solutions to Modern Challenges

Overcome Limiting Blocks, Barriers, and Beliefs Using Technique Inspired by The Prophet Ezekiel

Online PR News – 24-October-2018 – Allen, TX – Dr. Dan Fleishman to publish a new book entitled Teachings from a Prophet which shows people who seek a deeper purpose and quality life how to overcome:
• Blocks that keep you stuck in an unfulfilled life
• Barriers that limit growth in all areas of your life
• Beliefs that conflict with your ultimate dreams

This book to be published in December 2018 will reveal The Ezekiel Method, a powerful technique of personal transformation designed to help readers:
• Easily identify the root cause of their problems
• Achieve inner peace by learning to love the unlovable
• Manifest meaningful new outcomes

Dr. Dan Fleishman has been teaching The Ezekiel Method for over 10 years in classes, workshops, and seminars with attendees experiencing amazing life transformative results. They've expressed great enthusiasm and anticipation for the release of his book Teachings from a Prophet.

"Amazing! This works! …this method is FAST! Dr. Dan is simply amazing and what he is doing and allowing through him is beyond my current dictionary." - Dee

"This process is simple, profound and life enhancing… I feel more creative, abundant, less afraid to take risks, and more on purpose. This is a loving and safe place for healing." - Alexis

"If you're ready to be honest in uncovering buried mental weeds and conditioned thought patterns preventing you from experiencing the life you visualize and feel in your heart, …Dr. Dan can help you transform the way you look at yourself and others, and materialize the abundance and joy that comes as a result…" - Amy

Dr. Dan Fleishman became fascinated with spirituality as a child after he started asking questions no adult could adequately answer. In his quest for answers he found that the prophet Ezekiel spoke to him personally. He applied Ezekiel's teachings to his life with profound results and began sharing this technique with others. The Ezekiel Method was born. Now, Dr. Dan Fleishman helps others find a deeper purpose and inner peace. His book Teachings from a Prophet shares this powerful technique with the world.

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