Naleia Yachting Announces to Start Its One Way Sailing Trip to Norway from 7th June 2019

Naleia asks adventure freaks to join a pseudo night sailing trip to Norway starting from Tromsø and ending in Svolvær in the Lofoten for a magical experience

Online PR News – 23-October-2018 – Vienna – Naleia Yachting, a yacht sailing company providing entertainment along with freedom to yachters while allowing them to explore new horizons everyday, announces to start its one way sailing trip to Norway from 7th June 2019. This trip is designed to give Naleians an authentic Norwegian sailing experience by getting off the familiar sailing routes. Be sure not to miss this special Norwegian coastline voyage following the longer route between Tromso and Svolvær. The average sailing time will be around 5-9hrs a day (30 to 35 nautical miles). Joining the one way sailing trip to Norway with Naleia will cost 1,150€ PP on the 1st confirmed yacht (Delphia 47) and 1,270€ PP in the 2nd confirmed yacht (Delphia 40.3). It is perfect if you want to enjoy the untouched beauty of the North, the seclusion of a fishing village lying at the edge of the world, the endless views of the Lofoten atop a mountain, and sail along stretches seeing the fjords and green pastures passing by, spotting the arctic wildlife including the reindeer on the shore. Basically, you don't need any previous sailing experience as the yacht crew and the professional skipper will be there to help you handle the boat and teach you if needed.

The northern coast of Norway is a spectacular region extending over almost one thousand km of fjords and rough coastline, but inhabited by less number of people than in a mid sized town. Here tourists are left speechless at the sight of pure wilderness that is only interposed by some fishing villages, reindeer roaming the mountains liberally and hills being covered in blueberry bushes. Naleia's one way sailing trip to Norway not just brings the amazing views of the Lofoten islands but also involves dropping the anchor in magnificent bays as well as fjords. Sailing under the midnight sun, you will have a magical experience of raw nature without restriction of darkness. There will also be moments of night sailing, drinking directly from the mountain streams, and maybe spotting an arctic fox or moose on the shore. When you arrive at the last destination, Svolvær, you will be about to wrap up an iconic voyage along Norway´s northern coast that has been dream of many Naleians. How far can you resist the thought of joining such an authentic sailing trip to Norway?

"Get ready for a magical experience of sailing under the midnight sun with us. There will be absolutely no moments of darkness on our one way sailing trip to Norway! You don't just have perfect visibility to sail on but also a great opportunity to take part in the system of watches. To experience an authentic sailing spirit on a 12-16m yacht for more than a week, befriend your crew members and capture the rawness of nature, consider joining our one way sailing trip to Norway. It will allow you to move to a different port and enjoy different views from the deck of your yacht everyday," said a spokesperson of Naleia Yachting.
The 7th of June is the only date Nalaia offers sailing trip to Norway under the midnight sun. So, act fast to become a part of this magical voyage, take a ride to stroll through the streets of Tromsø, Harstad or Svolvær and be consumed in the pure Norwegian charm by booking your spot.

About the Company:-

Naleia Yachting is a licensed yacht sailing company dedicated to support the dream of yachters with extraordinary routes, scope and options. All those looking to sail under midnight sun following the relatively longer route between Tromsø to Svolvær, strolling through the Northern towns, hiking to the mountain tops of the Lofoten and mooring in small harbours next to rorbuers, consider booking for a one way sailing trip to Norway with Naleia starting from 7th June 2019 at