Vena NetWork is shortlisted for China's Top Ten Blockchain Projects of the Year (Shortlist attached)

Vena Network was selected as one of China's top ten blockchain projects with its professional technology and operational strength.

Online PR News – 22-October-2018 – Singapore – Recently, T2Lab Lab and Consensus Index Institute released a new market research report. In the report, combined with the market response and the opinion of the opinion leaders, the company officially released the "China Top Ten Blockchain Projects" and "Annual Potential Projects Lists". Vena Network was selected as one of China's top ten blockchain projects with its professional technology and operational strength. The agency expects the blockchain technology market to grow to $2.3 billion by 2021. It is also expected that the global blockchain solution market will reach $10 billion by 2020.

In the context of the current global economic recovery, those blockchain projects that are working hard are being highlighted from the big environment. So what are the blockchain technology service companies that deserve our attention? This time, we will focus on the project's technical maturity and the ability of blockchain technology to design solutions in specific business scenarios. The selected list has certain reference significance and can be used by industry professionals and blockchain investors for reference.

Top 1 Huobi

Even though there are many product problems such as exchanges, high-priced coins and other rumors that rumored out of the fire coins, the fire coins became the first place in this selection. The main reason is that the ability of Huobi to integrate product matrices, technical strength, and technology with offline business scenarios is very prominent. On the one hand, the exchange is positioned as a "one-stop platform for blockchain + industrial services", and it has jurisdiction over the Huobi Research Institute, China Huobi University, Huobi Labs (Lab), Huobi Talents, Huobi Counselors. The five major business divisions of the law forest provide consulting, training, technology, incubation, talents and legal services for the industry. The Science and Technology Department of Hainan Province invited the fire coins to settle in Hainan, and also showed good political and commercial relations with the fire coins. Under the policy conditions of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong), the fire currency has a high probability of achieving more breakthroughs in technical practice, helping the blockchain to enter more enterprises and create practical technical practices.

Top 2 Vena Network

VENA is a foundation project registered in Singapore, but its technical headquarters is located in China. VENA describes an open protocol based on blockchain. Protocol users can define a series of decentralized asset-issuing methods in accordance with the rules of the contract, helping offline asset-winding. At the same time, financial activity rules such as lending and trading are also part of the VENA platform trading market.

We know that cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular payment solution that meets the requirements of the digital economy. However, the security of funds and how the funds are connected with digital currency has always been an area that is difficult to break through. VENA's technical team consists of the original financial big data company team, which has strong strength in risk control, compliance and product definition. This helped them get a high score. In addition, VENA investors include well-known institutions such as Capital and HOMERUN, and their team has been widely recognized.

At present, VENA has achieved very good results in investment and financing, user financing and other businesses.


The US independent rating agency, Weiss Ratings, once gave the A-A rating to the Small Ant Project, which made NEO the only A-class encrypted digital currency in the world. Bitcoin and Ethereum have not been reached. I have a lot of criticisms at one time and think this is a public relations event. However, the high popularity of small ants in the world is an objective fact. The research report reveals that small ants have strong technical strength.

Formally established in 2014, real-time open source in Github in June 2015, NEO as a non-profit community-based blockchain project, using blockchain technology and digital identity for asset digitization, using intelligent contracts to automate the management of digital assets To achieve the combination of digital assets + digital identity + smart contracts, this is also the signboard of the smart economy.

TOP 4 Bitmain

Recently, Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the first 28nm cloud chip BM1880 to the outside world. Also released are the cloud-based artificial intelligence chip BM1682's counting intelligent server SA3, embedded AI mini-machine SE3, 3D face recognition intelligent terminal and BM1880-based development board, AI module, baton and other products. Together, these new products and chips form an AI solution.

Bitmain is listed in Hong Kong, and its financial strength allows it to build its own moat system and carry out technological research and development and innovation. Bitmain's sales revenue is divided into four major parts, namely mining machine sales, mining pool operations, mine services and self-operated mining. These four businesses are also very competitive. In particular, the mining machine sales contributed more than 940 million US dollars. Together with the other three, Bitcoin's sales revenue in the first half of this year was 1.03 billion US dollars, and its net profit reached 742 million.


Compared with Bytom, it recently won the second place in the global blockchain hackathon launched by COSMOS, which is also the best result of the Chinese team. This shows that the team's technical strength has been recognized by the credibility agency. Bytom is expanding the market in the United States, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, Bytom has passed the US Securities Regulatory Commission Howey Test certification, and will further promote legal compliance operations on a global scale.

The company Blockchainer aims to be the chief market partner of the blockchain industry, serving the global blockchain format, providing objective, scientific and innovative perspectives, providing the development of blockchains in the world of theory and practice. Government supervision and support policies, community development level, new company development direction and level, etc., release future direction data and reports and create cutting-edge innovative organizations of ecological communities. As a member of the International Economic Digital Alliance's governing unit, The Blockchainer is obligated and capable of promoting the ecological development of the global blockchain and contributing to the global influence of the Chinese blockchain.

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