QA Mentor Launched Online Software Testing Courses for Software Testers

QA Mentor launched online software testing courses. The courses are aimed for both new and experienced testers.

Online PR News – 20-October-2018 – New York – This best software testing company has launched online software testing courses to benefit software testers across the world. The company has launched a complete e-learning section on their official website that showcases various courses devised with two agendas:

1. Help aspiring testing fresher to learn the best practices of expert software testing
2. Help experienced software testing engineers to learn world class testing standards to sharpen their skills

The CEO of the company shared his happiness on launch of online software testing courses. He stated, "I am very happy to launch of this e-learning center. The software testing courses are devised very carefully to benefit this industry in two ways:

1. Helping testing engineers in the process of learning the strategic software testing with international standards
2. Building a workforce of talented software testing experts all across the world so clients can get the best software testing services

I have put my years of experience and knowledge in these courses. I am one of the instructors along with other industry leaders. We are thoroughly excited about this launch and with the fact of our contribution in this industry."

The launched online software testing courses are self-paced with certain time duration to benefit working people or the students pursuing other courses. Also, each course has extensive study material, including video lessons, reading material, etc. Each course has a promo video and objectives of the course. The interested learners can explore the course details and enroll online for any one or more course. There is no specific start date for the course, so the learners can enroll any time for the course based on their preference. The course durations are different for different courses and for that duration the course material will stay accessible for the learners.

This software testing company has segmented different courses in three categories:
1. QA Testing
2. Performance Testing
3. Technical Testing

The learners can choose the course based on their interest. Below is the list of courses offered by the company:

• How to become a QA tester in 30 days
• REST service testing fundamentals
• Java for QA
• Web architecture for modern QA professionals
• Unleashing the power of popular performance testing tools - JMeter
• Troubleshooting essentials for performance engineers
• Transformation to QA performance engineers
• Queuing theory and its application in performance testing
• Workload modeling essentials for performance engineers
• The importance of static testing in achieving high ROI

This top software testing company also offers a combo package of performance testing course, namely:

Combo Package: Performance Testing Foundation Course Bundle
This course includes two courses:
Course 1:Transformation to QA Performance Engineer
Course 2: Unleashing the power of popular Performance Testing Tools - JMeter
The company also has free courses listed below:

• Performance Test Practitioner - Quiz
• 50 Basic Questions on Software QA and Testing

The company has a specific section on its official website, namely e-learning, under the QA university menu. All details, including fee for each course,are available in this section of the website. Please visit for more details.