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PCM Leasing offers several Hitachi universal storage platforms. Hitachi's Universal Storage Platform products redefine America's universal storage platform industry. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform offers large virtualization layer combined with thin provisioning software.

Online PR News – 10-November-2009 – – A universal storage platform from Hitachi provides the most scalable universal storage platform solutions using Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning™ software. A storage management and logical partitioning solution is simple using the Hitachi unified data replication across heterogeneous storage system.

The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform systems offer business continuity, content management such as searching and indexing your new universal storage platform. In addition, universal storage platforms from Hitachi offer security, data duplication, data classification and other file management services available for universal storage platform objectives.

Your universal storage platform solutions are available at PCM Leasing. The appropriate universal storage platform results in lower costs and extended equipment value while simplifying management oversight activity. Align IT efforts with business objectives by acquiring a quality Hitachi universal storage platform.

Adaptable Modular Storage
PCM Leasing offers the Hitachi TagmaStore® adaptable modular storage systems. Hitachi's adaptable modular storage are the most scalable, high-performance adaptable modular storage systems in the midrange category.

Hitachi adaptable modular storage offers cache partitioning and RAID-6 which is ideal for small and mid sized businesses. the adaptable modular storage from Hitachi generates fast data in a small footprint. Hitachi offers several variations of its adaptable modular storage line applicable for small, medium and large business solutions.

PCM Leasing can recommend the appropriate adaptable modular storage such as systems offering storage tiering, common management platform and selecting the appropriate capacity and feature set for your adaptable modular storage needs.

Hitachi has succeeded in designing components using Application Optimized Storage™ solutions matching application requirements to the value of data to the cost of storage. To learn more about quality adaptable modular storage contact PCM Leasing today.

Our experts can assist explain how your company consolidate business application platform roles reducing the cost of backup, tape replacement, archiving and regulatory compliance solutions. PCM Leasing offers adaptable modular storage for a variety of systems so let's view our products catalog.