HandyTrac Releases New Features, Improving Reporting and Usability for Property Managers

HandyTrac Systems, a leading electronic key control company for multifamily, military and student housing, is pleased to announce new features.

Online PR News – 13-October-2018 – Atlanta – HandyTrac Systems, a leading electronic key control company for multifamily, military and student housing, is pleased to announce new features for the HandyTrac online customer site.

Delivering on the promise that HandyTrac users will receive the latest in electronic key management, this release improves online usability and provides a series of new reports that offer valuable insights.

"These new features are a result of customer feedback, and our commitment to provide a seamless user experience for all property managers," said Larry Kratz, Executive Vice President of HandyTrac. "This is one of the largest feature releases we've had in recent years and we are looking forward to hearing what our users think."

New features in this release include:

• Redesigned Employee Page - The active employees page has been completely redesigned to make it easier to manage employees in the system. All active employees are now visible and can be edited at the same time. To make editing employees even easier for customers with Biometric and Touch systems, typing in a badge and PIN is no longer necessary as the system will automatically create this information when the employee name is entered.

• Empty Hook Report - The Empty Hook Report allows users to quickly see a list of the hooks in the system that should not have keys on them. This is helpful during key audits or when you need to quickly check to see if keys are being pulled and returned to their correct locations. It is also a quick way to see if there are any keys missing from the system.

• Custom Email Reports - Email reports allow you to create a completely custom report to be emailed to you daily. If you want to keep a close eye on certain activity codes or certain units, you can now have this information automatically emailed to you without needing to log in to the HandyTrac site. Multiple custom reports can be created for a variety of criteria.

• Key Tag Search Report - The Key Tag Search Report allows you to quickly search all of your transactions for a key tag number. If you have a key that will no longer scan in the system, you can search for that tag number and see if it ever was in the system, and if so, to what unit the key belonged and when it was edited out of the system.

• Unit List Report - The Unit List Report gives you a list of all of the units in the system without sensitive information such as tag numbers and hook locations. We recommend having this report near the HandyTrac system as a quick reference of unit names to make pulling a key quicker and less error prone for employees that do not often use the system and may be unfamiliar with the naming scheme of the units in the system.

• Export Key Map to Excel - The key map can now be easily exported to excel for offline viewing as well as smartphone access for emergency situations.

• Resident Email Notifications - For added peace of mind, property managers can now set resident email notifications. Once set, residents will receive a notification when their key is pulled or returned.

About HandyTrac:
For over 20 years HandyTrac has been the low-cost leader in multifamily and military housing key control; managing keys for more than 3 million apartment homes throughout the country. Our cloud based systems offer instant access to archived reporting and provide the ability to manage your communities with a single login through your computer or smartphone. For more information, visit our website or call 800-665-9994.