C. Wong Financial hires Hernán Jorge Parades as Head of Latin American Economics

C. Wong Financial today announced the appointment of Hernán Jorge Parades as Head of Latin American Economics and will be based at the Firm's Tokyo office.

Online PR News Р12-October-2018 РHONG KONG/CENTRAL DISTRICT РMr. Parades is a vastly experienced economist and has worked for Banco do Brasil and Caixa in his homeland before joining Banco Ita̼ where he was a Head Fund Director both Ṣo Paulo in and most recently in Hong Kong.

C. Wong Financial's President, Mr. Ketsu Maeda commented on Mr. Parades' appointment saying "Hernán will lead our analysis of the Latin American economy and annual financial outlook. His knowledge of the Latin American economy and his ability to tailor our Research Team with its view to different client segments will be critical in this role."

"C. Wong Financial's senior management will work closely with Hernán to build the best possible team with regards to delivering the best information for the economy in Latin America. We will also continue to provide extensive coverage and analysis of economics, financial markets and commodities, with staff based in various countries in the Latin American region whilst also maintaining our strong focus on producing economic analysis that is relevant and useful to our local and offshore client base," added Ketsu Maeda, President of C. Wong Financial.

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