LoyaltyXpert Launches Complete Stack of Loyalty Solution Programs

LoyaltyXpert's New Loyalty Programs are Combination of Advanced Digital Technology, Consultation and Post-deployment Services.

Online PR News – 10-October-2018 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – LoyaltyXpert, a provider of loyalty solutions aims to help customers raise their brand with loyalty programs that go beyond conventional methodologies and drive precise outcomes. LoyaltyXpert launches four unique loyalty programs—Brand Loyalty, Channel Loyalty, Customer Loyalty and Custom Loyalty.

LoyaltyXpert has garnered the importance as a loyalty platform provider by combining advanced digital technology with consultation offered by loyalty experts and post-deployment services. The loyalty programs are derived from the firm's unique vision to help small, medium and large businesses increase customer retention rate by 20 to 25 percent.

The four loyalty solution programs are crafted keeping in mind the requirements and goals that are unique to each business and relevant to their industry. The key features and purpose of the new loyalty solution programs are as follows:

1 : Brand Loyalty Program: LoyaltyXpert's brand loyalty program encompasses actions and strategies to make customers more inclined towards the brand and engage in repeat purchases. The purpose of the program is to offer brands and businesses with 360-degree view of customers and their purchasing patterns to find ways to strengthen customer-business relationship. The program helps design the best campaign to influence users via email and SMS to increase new sign-ups and retention rate. The unique features of Brand Loyalty Program include:

-Cross Platform Engagement
-Data Analytics and Management
-Reward Management
-Tracking Micro-movements that stimulate brand loyalty
-Cloud-based web and mobile solutions to improve customer experience

2 : Channel Loyalty Program: LoyaltyXpert's channel loyalty program is designed to help companies to connect with befitting channel partners such as distributors, resellers and retailers to assist them in selling products or services. The program enables businesses to use channel partners to increase awareness of their products and services and combine standard loyalty practices with the help of cutting-edge technology. The program works by:

-Segmenting channel partners based on their recent and long-term engagements
-Providing timely, useful insights on channel partner investment
-Increasing targeted communication for brand awareness and endorsement
-Creation of multi-dimensional reward structure
-Increasing ROI with technology-enabled tools to increase customer experience

3 : Customer Loyalty Program: This program is designed purely to increase customers' willingness to engage with the brand and make purchases. Customer loyalty program starts with offering customers with unique, compelling experience for every purchase they make. The core purposes of this program are to:

-Increase user engagement
-Foster meaningful relations with customers
-Understand customers' spending behaviors
-Devise personalized reward programs
-Boost customer services support
-Increase awareness on products, offers and best deals
-Improve Email communication
-Measure the scope of business profitability

4 : Custom Loyalty Program: The intention behind offering custom loyalty program is to assist businesses in variety of industries by creating the loyalty program that provides the desired outcome. LoyaltyXpert's custom loyalty program are of different types and can be customized to suit clients' business needs and support growth. The different types of custom loyalty programs include:

-Tiered Program
-Points Program
-Subscription Program
-Punch Card Program
-Non-monetary Program
-Voucher/ Coupon or Gift card

"Our loyalty solutions offer marketers, businesses and brands with a distilled, accurate image of today's customers, their buying and spending habits. The programs are designed to provide full transparency of their existing business capabilities and leverage them to attain a large customer base and boost loyalty," says, " LoyaltyXpert's loyalty solution programs solves every marketers or business's ordeal of retaining customers and gaining their trust amid changing market trends and increasing business competition. Our loyalty experts' skills, experience and acumen help lay out the strategies that bring down the cost of retention, engagement and experience and at the same time increase customer satisfaction and loyalty."

LoyaltyXpert welcomes all businesses existing, new and growing organizations across industries to consult with the company's loyalty experts and deploy the appropriate loyalty solution program and customer retention strategies to engage customers and increase their foothold in the market.

About LoyaltyXpert:

LoyaltyXpert is a leading loyalty program and solution provider that is managed by the customized IT solutions provider, Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd. LoyaltyXpert offers solutions that combines a mix of powerful customer retention strategies with leading technology platforms to help customers increase customer loyalty. The solutions offer functionality, affordability and flexibility to manage and run loyalty programs that are appropriate for customers' business.

The unique and innovative loyalty programs are guaranteed to make businesses future-ready and overcome challenges that threaten customer retention and brand loyalty. The programs mix consultation offered by loyalty experts that have experience in offering loyalty solutions to businesses across industries and leading-technology solutions and services to deliver custom loyalty programs.

LoyaltyXpert is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujrat and has a laudable clientele from various industry verticals including e-Commerce, healthcare and fitness, hospitality, finance, automotive, education, beauty and others. For information on LoyaltyXpert's loyalty solution programs and services, contact sales@ecosmob.com or call +91-79-40054019. Visit our site https://loyaltyxpert.com/