Hodusoft Announced to Offer Contact Center Software with Progressive Features

Advanced features and set your team up for success creating a value to your business.

Online PR News – 10-October-2018 – Texas – Hodusoft offers a cost-efficient, reliable VoIP software and services to meet your company communication requirements in an efficient manner. Hodusoft announces offering advanced features of their contact center software. We have a dedicated and experienced team, customize audio-video-web conferencing software demands of a contact center. We understand each business is different and your needs are unique each time.

Real-Time Analytics And Reports
For any call center, analytics and reports are very much essential to measure current performance, find growth area and improvisation. The reports play a major role in decision making. Here Real-time analytics and reports can provide minute level details in real time to the supervisors and management to keep close eyes over the performance of the agents and assure they are providing the excellent customer experience to the callers.
Email: Acknowledge, Manage, Resolve
Support the clients over email even if the agents are occupied with lined up calls. HoduCC lets your agents fix the client's concern 24*7 even after business hours. Unlike the phone, emails offer proper communication and provide a sense of belief to the client. The agent can write customized templates based on their company process. Thus, quick response to the clients leads to customer satisfaction.
Chat: Let your words connect
Contact Center Software is all about providing exceptional services to the customers and therefore, more and more interaction channels have been originated to engage the customer. One such powerful channels are "Live Chat". HoduCC provides a handy plugin to blend with client website to chat with customers. Not only restricting to chat, HoduCC provides facility to do a video call as well, so that customers can resolve their concern in a genuine way. It is a great way to exponentially enhance sales and customer satisfaction.
Video Call:  Video Call Center Software
Video calls put a face to the name, so to speak, empowering agents and customers to build trust and secure feedback fast. Although real-time chats cannot meet the level of face-to-face communication. Video chat can be used in several ways to enhance customer experience.
SMS: Simple yet efficient way to Communicate.
It is the old and most proven ways let your client instantly message their concerns to the agents wherein the agents can offer instantaneous assistance. This functionality has proven to be a boon due to its time-saving characteristic. The customers don't have to wait in a call-queue and can get prompt resolutions. This will not only enhance customer delight but will also add loyalty.
About Hodusoft
HoduSoft is well-known for being cost-effective and the best-unified communication solution provider that in turn make your enterprise successful. With a dedicated path towards advancing world-class products, Hodusoft has emerged as a leading company VoIP solutions provider. With a wide array of products, HoduSoft also ensures best returns on techn investments.