New upcoming Tamil Movie Called "Thorati"

A Power packed folk drama based movie set in an interior village of south TamilNadu

Creating a real connection between viewers and characters in a story is the key to the
successful film. When a viewer feels empathy and emotional vibes with a character,they are
more likely to let the movie inspire them.In that way, Thorati captures the untold story behind
the lifestyle of shepherds and sheep rearing culture. The real life incident happened in 1980's is
filmed by director Marimuthu in a realistic manner.
Coming up with the perfect title is half the battle with writing a screenplay. The secret
behind the title name reveals how shepherds use thorati(a long stick with a hook) to pluck leaves
to feed their herd and how they protect themselves by using it as a weapon. The entire movie was
set in an interior village of south Tamil nadu with entirely new looks. Shaman Mithru lived as a
hero and produced this film. While Sathyakala plays as a heroine. Sundarrajan, Chellam
Jeyaseelan and Muthuraman as supporting characters. Music by Vel Shankar creates a powerful
dynamic to make every scene more intense and interesting. BGM by Jithin Roshan exposes the
pain, love and suffering behind each and every character.. Each and every song portraits the
combination of vocal and instrumental sounds to form structurally complete and emotionally
expressive compositions and takes the listeners to the remote village.
There is an unbelievable tradition and a superstitious belief behind the film Thorati. The
film has lifelike characters that draw everyone into their lives with their realistic performances.
The theme and tone of Thorati will be appealing, memorable and original. So the expectations
for the blasting hit of this untold story is huge, where each and every character, scenes, costumes,
songs, BGM firing on all cylinders to make Thorati worth repeated viewings and a powerful
impact among the audience