Voice Summit 2018, Home House London, 11th October

Voice Summit 2018 is the UK conference dedicated to VoiceFirst.

Online PR News – 09-October-2018 – London, UK – VoiceFirst is the fastest growing segment in technology with the rise of smart speakers and virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa. Indeed Amazon Alexa will be presenting at the conference with a particular focus on Alexa for Business.

Who will be behind the mic?

Voice Technology is one of the most ferocious battles in the new technology era with Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung and others all vying for position.

Leeds based Webanywhere are the organisers of Voice Summit 2018. Webanywhere has offices in Chicago, Katowice and Leeds. VoiceFirst has been used within the organisation to overcome timezone constraints posed by having an internationally distributed workforce.

Opening Voice Summit 2018 Andrea Muttoni, Tech Evangelist at Amazon Alexa will give a talk on Alexa for Business. Andrea will demonstrate whether it's ordering photocopy paper, booking a room or conference calling how Alexa for Business can help streamline processes. On average it takes 7 minutes to start a conference call in the United States of America costing the economy millions of pounds in the process.

By 2020, 50% of internet search will be by the voice and this is a big opportunity and threat to businesses and brands. Microphones with voice assistants are going into all sorts of appliances with Samsung pledging voice control for all its products by 2020. Head of SEO at We are Roast John Campbell will be talking about avoiding brand distinction. Search is making a shift away from text towards voice and businesses need to be ready for this. The internet is disappearing, we will be less glued to our screens and instead talking to internet enabled devices with microphones.

Conference attendees interested in productivity and internal communications can listen to Sean Gilligan. The founder of Sound Branch is doing a talk on "Business at the Speed of Sound". No it's not a talk about Concorde but instead how voice messaging is being leveraged within some organisations to improve relationships, understand the emotions in teams and make for a better connected workforce. Increasingly, members of staff are working from home or are in the field and in these particular instances voice messaging, sentiment analysis and conversational analytics can be leveraged for better decision making.

Maintaining our competitive advantage we must all have learning organisations. Lloyd Dean, Head of Digital and Innovative Learning, EDF Energy will be presenting on voice learning and development within the modern workforce.

To round off the day James Poulter, Head of The LEGO Group's Emerging Platforms & Partnerships will be interviewed. James has already presented at conferences in the United States on the subject of VoiceFirst and he's seen as a thought leader in this space. James also advises the Church of England on some of their digital and technology initiatives.

Tickets for Voice Summit 2018 at Home House London can be found on Eventbrite.