GX Sciences Purchases South Austin Laboratory for Genetic Testing

High complexity genetic testing facility to ensure quicker results and continued affordability of newly developed 13 unique genetic panels

Online PR News – 09-October-2018 – Austin, TX – GX Sciences, a leading provider of comprehensive genetic testing solutions, announced today that it has purchased a fully accredited nutrigenomic laboratory in the South East Bio Tech area of Austin, Texas. A year ago, the company began offering in-house testing after acquiring a San Antonio lab. Transitioning to the South Austin location enables GX Sciences, an Austin, Texas based company, to provide quicker results, maintain affordability, and increase involvement in the testing process. After reviewing several precision platforms, GX Sciences chose Thermo Fisher and Life Technologies as its core testing platform and partnership. The partnership allows the company to expand services into pharmacogenomics, clinical chemistry, and micro-sampling.

GX Sciences serves over 250 clinicians in over 20 states and numerous clients internationally. While considered thought leaders in the nutrigenomic field, their tests consist of other genetic tests centered on personalized medicine. With the addition of the South Austin lab, test results will be available 5 days after a DNA sample is received, an improvement on the previous timeline. As the company continues on its growth path, turnover will continue to improve and new services will become available. With the launch of GX Sciences, comes the launch of its proprietary software and reporting system. This system allows each provider of various specialties to customize their own genetic panel offering based on their specialty.

Founded by Kendal Stewart, MD and Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO, this state of the art facility has opened the world of nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics to all types of medical clinicians at an affordable price.

"The goal of the GX Sciences' panels is to scientifically evaluate and nutritionally support the functional uniqueness of each patient in a precision medicine approach. Many physicians can find genetics, biochemistry and even nutritional recommendations quite frustrating. My goal for all providers is to make biochemistry fun again and to simplify and consolidate the ongoing medical knowledge of functional nutrition into an easy-to-use clinical tool that helps each patient and practitioner alike." - Kendal Stewart, MD / Founder and CSO of GX Sciences