Call for Nomination of Awards at HEF-IBA Conference

IBA and HEF are jointly organizing a convention on
the theme "Management and Leadership in Disruptive Times" on December 7, 2018 at IBA, Bengaluru

Online PR News – 08-October-2018 – Bangalore – 25 th Sept, Bengaluru - Indus Business Academy (IBA) and Higher Education Forum (HEF) are jointly
organizing a convention on the theme "Management and Leadership in Disruptive Times" on December
7, 2018 at IBA, Bengaluru campus.
One of the important initiatives of HEF has been to appreciate and recognise faculty members from
various streams of higher education. This is the peer recognition of excellence and only such award in
the entire space of higher education in India.
On a central level, HEF does this event every year on the occasion of teachers' day in September. HEF
Gujarat Chapter has also been doing the same a part of the Gujarat Chapter convention each year.
We have great pleasure in announcing that from this year onwards, we will have a teacher recognition
function at Bengaluru as well. This will be as part of Bengaluru convention.
This is meant for faculty members serving in higher education institutions in Bengaluru or any other
part of South India.
Being first year, we will recognize / award limited number of faculty members (say 5 to 6) from various
streams of higher education. The criteria remain as the same as the main HEF award criteria. They are
given as under
A. Streams: The following are the disciplines from where the teachers would be considered:
a. Graduation or Post-Graduation  (Engineering, Science, Humanities)
b. Management (Post-Graduate) from different functions like Finance, Marketing, HRM, IT,
Communication, etc.
c. Outstanding teacher in management (both male & female)
d. Young teacher's award, teacher teaching some unique courses like entrepreneurship, retail, etc.
and / or achieved something significant including acumen / acceptability in research.
e. Contribution to research & publication
f. Alternative areas of education like music, sports, etc.
g. Faculty in teacher education
B. Eligibility: The teachers must be involved in teaching in an institution of higher education in any of
the areas identified above. Other criteria are as under:
a. Minimum possession of Master's Degree

b. Around more than 40 years of age (except young teacher award where the upper age limit is
around 35 years)
c. Around 10 years of teaching experience (may not be on full-time basis)
d. Respected by students and peers as a good teacher
e. Has been involved in mentoring / coaching students outside class room
f. Has been instrumental in designing / creating / modifying some innovations in teaching
g. Has been involved in activities aimed at contributing to community /society at large
h. Been active on the research front
All teachers may not be good at all the fronts and hence an overall view has to be taken while
Faculty members may self-nominate themselves or members can nominate others. Both the forms are
The completed forms may be mailed to the Champion of Bengaluru Convention Dr Subhash Sharma,
Director at Indus Business Academy (IBA) at The same may also be marked to
the undersigned at
The decision of the jury shall be final. HEF also reserves the right to consider an awardee who has not
sent the nomination form.
Please note that the last date of submission of the nomination form is 30 th  September, 2018.
We may add that 2 nd  HEF Bengaluru Convention is scheduled on 7 th  December, Friday and the awards will
be given there.
Look forward to support from members.
For more details please visit