Heaters4Saunas Announces Special Offers on DIY Sauna Kits & Sauna Supplies

Heaters4Saunas announces 20% off on sauna accessories and 10% Off on DIY sauna kits, i.e. outdoor barrel sauna kit - outdoor barrel sauna room.

Online PR News – 04-October-2018 – winnipeg,MB – Heaters4Saunas is a premier manufacturer and suppliers of DIY sauna kits and sauna supplies including industry best hot tubs and saunas for the best interests and preferences of clients. For the convenience of clients, Heaters4Saunas announces special offers and discounts on its product ranges, e.g. 10% off on DIY sauna kits - outdoor barrel sauna kit and 20% off on sauna accessories. The outdoor cedar barrel sauna comes with hand finished benches, glass door and 6.0KW stainless steel sauna heater. This finely handcrafted sauna is manufactured from the beautifully clear western red cedar.

The presence of exceptional cooperage barrel design offers superior standard steam and heat circulation and allows the sauna to be installed in any room quickly. The barrel design features with 23% less air volume to heat and the round corners circulate the heat evenly as well as naturally. This outdoor barrel sauna is available with a tempered glass tinted window and an insulated cedar door. This sauna has 7' long and 7' wide interior which makes it spacious as compared to the most 6' diameter saunas. It has ability to accommodate up to 6 people. The sauna is available with two hand finished clear cedar benches which won't splinter. Every seat is at a different level so that you can choose the right seat to match your body size and adjust the variety temperatures (the higher seats are always hotter in a sauna).

All the components of cedar barrel saunas are of the highest quality and the straps are made from 304L stainless steel and will never rust or bleed the cedar wood. The heaters are made from stainless surgical steel that will never rust. The outdoor barrel sauna unit is available in a knock down kit for easy assembly onsite. It minimizes shipping costs at a great instant. The central location in North America costs are billed at a flat rate of $300 to Canada or US. The exceptional properties of 1 1/2' cedar walls make sure that the sauna heats much quickly. The thick cedar offers a natural insulation barrier and requires no added vapor barrier or structural framing. In short and simple words, its beautiful design will improve any setting.

"Our saunas are provided in kit making sure the easy and smooth transportation. Through our perfectly engineered sauna kits, you can get easy to assemble sauna and install it using a few basic tools like a wrench and screw drivers. We use 100% clear western red cedar, a perfect choice for any outdoor application. It has been the premier wood for the sauna construction. For more information about our special offers and discounts please visit our website as soon as possible", says a spokesperson for Heaters4Saunas.

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Heaters4Saunas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest barrel saunas manufactured from Canadian western red cedar. They provide the superior standard DIY sauna kits and accessories at the competitive prices. If you have more queries about sauna parts and accessories, please browse the website at https://www.heaters4saunas.com/.

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