The Launch of GX Sciences (Formerly Known as Genomix Nutrition)

Effective May 15th, we are excited to announce that we are changing our company name to GX Sciences.

Online PR News – 03-October-2018 – Austin, TX – Effective May 15th, we are excited to announce that we are changing our company name to GX Sciences. The new name reflects our mission to expand beyond the world of nutrition and provide innovative genomic solutions for overall wellness and health. GX Sciences, a genetic testing company, empowers healthcare providers with insight into their patients' genetics and biochemical processes to better personalize treatments.

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13 New Genetic Panels Available for Key Health Areas

Many doctors and medical practitioners previously reached out to us to examine specific SNPs outside of Genomix Nutrition's 55 gene tests to meet their patients' needs. As GX Sciences, we are expanding our 55 SNP testing to 120 SNPs to best fulfill these requests and aim to add more SNPs in the future.

We understand that a 120 SNP genetic test is excessive for some patients or too costly for others already living with serious health issues. To make our testing accessible, we have categorized the 120 SNPs into 13 panels for key areas of health: Foundation / Methylation / Wellness, Immune / Auto-Immune / Inflammatory, Neurological / Psych, Chronic Pain, Pre-Surgical, Developmental, Autophagy, Detoxification, Neurotransmitters, Gastrointestinal, Women's Health, Men's Health, and Diet & Wellness. Our 55 SNP panel will continue to be available.

When your DNA sample arrives at our lab for testing, it will be run for all 120 SNPs and added to our database. Only the results for the panel you selected will be reported to the patient. If an additional panel is selected at a later time for that patient, there will be no need to resubmit another DNA sample.

The reports for our genetic panels are also expanding to include lifestyle recommendations and lab recommendations based off your results in addition to the existing recommended nutrients, recommended supplement formulas, and health precautions. We have also developed proprietary software to provide a functional, self-explanatory report summary to walk patients through their DNA results. GX Sciences is excited to continue expanding our services to best serve our medical providers and their patients.

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