OPTASY Recommends Magento as a Powerful eCommerce Solution to Its Clients

Once a Drupal-exclusive agency, OPTASY now advocates for Magento as an excellent platform for powering its clients' eCommerce stores with.

Online PR News – 02-October-2018 – Toronto, Canada – OPTASY, best known as a Drupal web development company in Canada, is advocating for Magento these days, presenting it as a robust, feature-rich and ideally flexible eCommerce solution to its clients. The company has been offering Magento development services for a while now and gradually turned into one the platform's biggest advocates:

"The very first aspect that "strikes you" you, once you start working with Magento, it that the platform has been designed specifically for online stores. It's not a standard CMS, that you'd need to upgrade first to fit a web store's context. It's designed as an eCommerce solution right out-of-the-box", said Adrian Ababei, OPTASY CTO.

The company's enthusiasm for working with this eCommerce platform reflects in its ever-growing catalog of Magento services that they now provide, ranging from:

● Magento e-commerce consulting & strategy
● to Magento development
● to Magento custom theme design
● to Magento custom module development
● to Magento site performance auditing
● to Magento maintenance & support

Positioning itself as a Magento development team focused on custom development, the company's now vouching for the platform's powerful features and empowering flexibility:

"We have been using Magento for building high-performing web stores, with huge product catalogs and lots of eCommerce-specific feature needs. If there's no Magento plugin available for a particular functionality, we go ahead and build one from scratch. If the client doesn't settle for one of the many Magento themes, we custom design one to perfectly suit his/her vision. Now, if I am to sum up the reasons why we've added Magento to our "palette" of platforms that we use here at OPTASY, I'd say it is its unparalleled robustness and scalability that "won us over". You get a solid infrastructure to build upon and to easily extend to meet all the client's future needs." said Adrian Ababei, OPTASY CTO.


The company's been in the web development landscape since 2005. Back then, it focused exclusively on building Drupal websites.

Then, it started to grow into a company providing custom Drupal development services. Next, the team added mobile app development services, as well, and it gradually adopted new frameworks and new technologies to power their projects with.

Currently, developing eCommerce websites is OPTASY's "specialty", with Magento as one of the team's top favorite platforms.