Asterisk Service Announces CRM Integrated IVR Solution For Enterprises

That large and small enterprises are taking to IVR implementations is no surprise given its benefits. However, bare-bones IVR is not the answer.

Online PR News – 02-October-2018 – TEXAS – Asterisk Service, technology leaders in open source Asterisk platform, announced the launch of IVR integrated with CRM.

Speaking on the occasion the company VP said that stand-alone CRM or stand-alone IVR solutions have limited benefits. The confluence of the two solutions results in IVR CRM that provides better customer engagement. He went on to elaborate on the CRM integration IVR solution offered by Asterisk.

Asterisk CRM integration IVR solution plugs together with the two technologies in a seamless fashion. Should an existing customer call, the IVR will fetch records from the CRM database, analyze data and present a set of tailored responses. The caller does not experience the frustration of a lengthy process and gets the desired information or is put through to a live agent if none of the presented options match his requirements. A potentially new client or an existing one can call at any time and the unattended automated CRM-IVR satisfies most such callers. Potential leads can be captured by CRM for follow up by live agents as may be needed.

Asterisk IVR to CRM integration can easily plug into popular CRM packages such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Insightly and Nimble, to name a few. The company's team takes care of integrating the IVR solution into existing CRM and presenting a unified interface for monitoring/management.

Asterisk's CRM integrated IVR features scripts, real-time access of database, VoiceXML processor, DTMF input support and voice tone input support. The team can redesign existing IVR scripts if a client has an IVR in place and provide ASR IVR combined scripts along with CRM integration into popular platforms or even a custom CRM as may be necessary. IVR prompts can be configured to suit the client's business and service model. Users need not access separate reports since the CDRs and reports are integrated into a single database to help them derive better insights and improve efficiency.

IVR-CRM integration leads to better customer satisfaction due to the personalization of services. In e-commerce use scenarios such integration could present opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products and thereby increasing revenues. The load on agents is also reduced since the AI-powered IVR-CRM automates simple processes.

Asterisk Service possesses the fluid mastery of the open source platform on which IVRs are built and has proven expertise in CRM integrations it has carried out for clients in healthcare, hospitality, and financial sectors. This integrated IVR/CRM solution is a step forward to help new users as well as existing clients to further improve returns on investments.

Enterprises that have an existing CRM and need IVR integration, as well as startups, are welcome to contact Asterisk Service for more information on this solution on phone 1-303-997-3139, email or via live chat on website