Key West Snorkeling Co. To Invest $100,000 in New Underwater Photography Equipment

Top of the line new underwater photography equipment will put Key West Snorkeling Co.'s website light years ahead of the rest.

Online PR News – 10-November-2009 – – With professional quality photos and the ability to capture so much more on video, crew on the photography team aim to rival National Geographic in the photos and videos they produce. But we think you'll agree, this could be even better because there's always new material. The website is constantly updated, with pictures of current conditions. And it's all up on their website,, for anyone to see for free. Key West Snorkeling Co.'s mission is to educate the public, document conditions in Key West waters, and share everything they find for free to the public. For those interested in reef conditions, marine science, fish, coral, snorkeling, or Key West activities, there really couldn't be a better place to visit on the web. Now, with heavy investment in state of the art underwater photography equipment, it's going to be even better.

"We're taking a big risk, investing in all this equipment in the middle of a recession" says Katya Timberly. Ms. Timberly is the lead photographer at "But for us, the time was right for us, and it's an investment for the future" she says, optimistically. "Besides, when people can't afford to visit Key West, they'll be even more interested in our photos and videos at!"

She's right: during times of tightening budgets, Americans and even foreigners tend to delay pricey vacations and travel closer to home. They're more likely to drive somewhere for their family vacation than fly to Key West. But that doesn't mean they aren't planning future trips. Online websites that feature the best photographs and real, up to date information on popular destinations like Key West, have seen more traffic lately, perhaps because of that reason.

So Key West Snorkeling Co. may be on to something. Investing in expensive new underwater photographic equipment right now may sound reckless to some but these people are thinking way beyond the current recession. Just by talking to Ms. Timberly and co., you can see right away the passion they have for this work they're doing. Their overhead is still high, with a company boat, gas prices, and delicate photographic equipment, and their website doesn't charge viewers to browse their beautiful pictures of current conditions on the reef, inshore, and in the Gulf. We don't know how they do it, but we're certainly glad they do! You can visit their exciting website at