New National Standard for Baby Carriers Becomes Effective in China.

On July 1, 2018, China's new national standard for baby carriers - GB/T 35270-2017 - came into effect.

Online PR News – 26-September-2018 – Geneva, Switzerland – On July 1, 2018, China's new national standard for baby carriers came into effect. Issued by the National Technical Committee for Garments, part of the Standardization Administration of China, GB/T 35270-2017, is China's first standard for baby carriers and was included in the No. 32 announcement of newly approved national standards issued in 2017.

The standard defines a baby carrier as a product that is normally made from sewn fabrics and/or other attachment construction. It is designed for use by infants aged up to 36 months, with the carrier normally being 'worn' vertically by the parent or carer. The standard covers carriers that are intended for children who need to have their heads need a certain amount of support, normally at about the age of four months.

The standard includes tests for:

• Appearance - total appearance, shell, sewing thread, sewn and attachment
• Materials - textile fabrics, filling material and attachments:
o Textile fabrics - requirements for formaldehyde content, pH value, odor, banned azo colorants, colorfastness (water, perspiration, rubbing, saliva, light, light of textiles wetted with artificial perspiration), total content of heavy metal, migration of certain elements and phthalate content
o Filling materials - requirements for formaldehyde content, pH value, odor and general technical requirements for products with filling materials (China compulsory standard: GB18383)
o Attachments - requirements for connector clip, phthalate content of plastic and attachment which may touch infant's teeth
• Construction - leg openings, hazardous sharp points and edges, small parts, infant restraint system, adult attachment system and dynamic load
• Flammability - total product requirements for the rate of the spread of flame, judgement and marking
• Needle detection process must be performed before delivery (finished products must not contain sharp items such as residual metal needles)
• Instructions for use - should include more information, especially warnings messages

To learn more about China's new industry standard for baby carriers - GB/T 35270-2017 - stakeholders should refer to the original document or contact a specialist testing and certification company.

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