Claudette Roche Discusses Using Singing for Accent Reduction

Many people with thick accents do not use those accents when they sing.

Online PR News – 25-September-2018 – Vero Beach, FL – Many people with thick accents do not use those accents when they sing. Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach, says that singing changes pronunciation and that is the reason for less distinction in singers in song than in speech. Accents are made up of the way people pronounce sounds and words. Songs often alter those pronunciations, which reduces the sound of accents. Most commonly seen, British performers lose their British accents when they sing. This same concept may prove useful for helping the average person with accent reduction.

Singing is one way to practice not using an accent

As Roche explains, songs require vowel sounds to get stretched out and consonants to blend in to each other. The changes in the pronunciation takes away the unique sound of accents. It has a baseline accent which is neutral from one region or country to the next. There are exceptions since some performers have their own unique style. Those singers may retain more of their natural accent even in their singing. Even those who do sing with an accent, it is often less pronounced than their speaking voice. For instance, the popular singer Shakira has a strong Colombian accent when she speaks, but it is softer in her music.

This concept may be useful for helping those who want to modify or reduce their accent to achieve their goals. Singing can help them learn how to change the way they pronounce words and phrases. Roche works with people who want to change their accents as well as those who want to reduce it completely. They may need to be better understood at work or want to blend in better in their new neighborhood. She works with them to learn a new way to enunciate sounds to lessen the effects of the accent.

"Singing is one way to practice not using an accent," Roche says. She goes on to explain that singing songs may make it easier for some people to remember the different pronunciation since it is fun and familiar. There are other vocal exercises she can have her clients do which will help them change the way they speak certain sounds and words. However, singing may be the most fun way to get into the habit.

Roche recommends that anyone who must work with people from around the world or live in a community where their accent stands out to consider accent modification. They do not necessarily need to lose all their accent, but accent reduction helps make it easier for other people to understand what they are saying. Communication becomes more effective and they can form business relationships and personal friendships easier when they can talk to others so they are understood. As the business world becomes more global, it will continue to become more essential to speak where people from other regions can understand what is being said. Accent reduction does not change who a person is, but it can change how they can be heard and understood when it matters most.

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