Alesia Capital Group improves Electronic Trading services for Canadian clients

Alesia Capital Group today announced improvements of its electronic trading platform for Canadian clients, adding to the Firm's comprehensive market offerings.

Online PR News – 21-September-2018 – HONG KONG/CENTRAL DISTRICT – Alesia Capital Group's expanded Canadian offering is a routing mechanism that aims to achieve best execution for inter-listed securities to either a US or Canadian markets.

Alesia Capital Group's Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Mike Nam-Hoi commented on the new offering saying "As the Canadian market becomes more fragmented and electronic, financial institutions require the necessary technology and services to find the best liquidity at the best price."

"Alesia Capital Group is fully committed to servicing the Canadian marketplace and we plan to continually enhance our industry-leading electronic trading platform to meet the needs of Canadian high-net worth individuals and financial institutions," added Mike Nam-Hoi, Chief Technology Officer of Alesia Capital Group.

Since our inception, Alesia Capital Group has developed a widely reputed and globally successful business model with a propensity for innovation. Based upon comprehensive research and analysis, we offer insightful data interpretation and marketplace guidance, helping clients make informed decisions.

As a leading wealth management and capital growth solutions firm, Alesia Capital Group delivers expert advice and assists in the development and implementation of strategies specifically designed for individual clients to achieve their goals. Whether looking to secure steady income for retirement or diversifying portfolio interests, our experienced team of specialist advisors offers practical guidance, taking into consideration both client position and external factors.

Amid global uncertainty and economic volatility, we understand that it is essential to incorporate a wide range of factors into our analyses to identify areas of risk and potential. Our process involves sophisticated data interpretation and predictive modeling across all asset classes and markets which determine future performance. Taking into consideration both qualitative and quantitative factors, we produce a comprehensive outlook to ensure the success of our investment actions.

Our approach focuses on emerging opportunities before they have matured, allowing our clients to secure high rates of return. By accurately identifying options with high growth potential at an early stage, not only does client capital go further, but it also enables clients to see a rapid increase in the worth of the initially purchased stake in the investment, opening up future opportunities within the investment.

At Alesia Capital Group, we know that we can only grow with the success of our clients. Offering a service built upon trust, transparency and integrity is essential to our growth. Our commitment to our clients begins from first contact, with our team of professional advisors working closely with you to help achieve your goals. We provide a unique perspective on industry, provide expert advice on all asset classes across global markets, and develop intelligent strategies to ensure your success.