Vintage Ad Caption Contest Shows Power of Visual Content

Digital marketing platform TAG on the Web using a Vintage Ad Caption Contest to bring awareness to its SMB audience of the power of Visual Content.

Online PR News – 21-September-2018 – Woodcliff Lake, New Jeresey – TAG on the Web debuts a new marketing campaign designed to create awareness of the power of visual content for its small-medium business audience.

The campaign uses vintage magazine ads and asks viewers to write captions that will be judged in a contest and later put into an ebook.

Caption-less situational images demonstrate the power of visuals to elicit an immediate emotional response. That emotion coupled with an innate intellectual interpretation of the scene depicted gives proof of the powerful 1-2 bunch of visual content.

TAG's goal is to create awareness of its on-demand tactical marketing services to its audience of SMBs. Services like 72-Hour Visual Content start at $49.

The resulting caption is based on the writer's demographic, lifestyle, cultural, and other factors. Many of which, coincidentally, define and characterize the individual as a consumer. "We're excited about seeing how these nostalgic advertisements get interrupted in today's cultural and social climate. Should be fun and interesting reads," notes Marla Currie, Managing Director at TAG.

Visual Content Highly Under-Rated
Web surfers have very low attention spans. Even interesting content gets on average only 8-seconds of engagement. Visuals communicate up to 60,000 times faster than text. That makes pictures critical for getting a message across fast.

Visual Content is also the easiest way to do search engine optimization. Googlebots can't read images so it gives points for text tagged images. Similarly, the giant search engine penalizes websites with untagged images. A text tagged image is also important for the visually impaired and complies with the americans with disabilities act.

Wild West of Advertising
The advertisements used appeared in newspapers and magazines from 1920s through '50s. They represent an era long gone before the age of the Food and Drug Administration and standards & practices in advertising. Products could make claims and say just about anything a skilled copywriter could concoct.

It was the Wild West (or perhaps East to be geographically correct) of advertising when illegal and black box drugs like morphine were unabashedly advertised as apothecary remedies and beer was good for babies.

It was a time when political correctness was an unknown phrase. The notion of a "Me Too" movement was as distance as Alpha Centauri. "Some of the ads were produced by prominent consumer companies", notes Currie. "Names will be omitted when needed."

Contest Entry
Entrants are asked to consider what's happening in the vintage advertisement and submit clever, original hopefully humorous captions. TAG will pick their favorites, then ask readers to vote on the best of the bunch. New advertisements and caption winners from the prior week can be viewed on TAG on the Web's Facebook and other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Proposed captions (multiple entries ok) should be emailed to with " Ad Caption Contest" in the subject line.

The Prize: Bragging rights and even more importantly, fresh SEO content to post on your own social platform.

TAG will give each winning caption writer, a $499 Business Portfolio of visual content. Winning captions as well as honorable mentions will appear in an ebook at the campaign's end.

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