The first UK Digital Agency to launch an Alexa Marketing Skill

A boutique Agency in London is leading in the Voice Innovation & Marketing space, being the first in the industry to launch its own Marketing Voice Application.

Online PR News – 18-September-2018 – London/UK – As voice-activated devices have seen a major spike in both sales and adoption across the world this year, a new communications channel emerges for companies to engage with consumers - as well as increase online sales. Nevertheless, while being declared the fastest-growing technology in 2018, most businesses currently face difficulties integrating Voice in their Communications strategy.

As research shows, more than one in four Mobile Searches is currently being done through Voice, and this is foreseen to increase to one in two overall, cross-device searches by 2020. Moreover, the opportunities the channel opens for Commerce are immense, Voice Shopping being estimated to hit over $40 billion by 2022 in US and UK alone. The challenges innovating in this space have generally been not only lack of direction in terms of bespoke application development, but also uncertainty for marketing leaders in terms of ways to capitalise and engage best with customers. The opportunities are however immense, and as an early-stage developing channel, a new solution arises for brands looking to develop and reap the early-adopter benefits in this space.

This week, Marketiu - a boutique Digital Marketing agency in London - has officially announced the launch of its first Alexa Skill, aimed to help business owners, entrepreneurs and Marketing practitioners keep up to date with the latest insights and strategies in regards to marketing. The company has also officially announced its commitment to helping businesses capitalise on the opportunities Voice-based Applications bring into the marketing space, by launching a new agency branch and free Voice Insights blog - Marketiu Voice.

"The business landscape is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Traditional marketing is moving very much towards content and value-rich engagement from brands - within a very short few months the businesses who take advantage of these Voice Adoption trends will be able to drastically reposition themselves as leaders while growing their market share. Help was never at hand in this direction before - mainly in the UK - so we aim to support SME's grow their brand through this additional channel as well, optimise their products for Voice purchase as well as build their own applications on Voice Platforms such as Alexa and Google." - Andrei Tiu, Director of the agency, declared on Tuesday.

The news have already spiked massive interest from leading UK brands, which are at the moment aware of the very fast growth of the Voice Channel, as well as the raise in popularity and engagement of users with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

The company's official Alexa Skill, "Marketing Tip of The Day - Marketiu Daily Briefing", is currently available for free in the Alexa Store (at this link) and directly compatible with all Alexa devices as well as the popular "Daily Briefing" master application.

Marketiu is a boutique innovative Digital Marketing agency born at the heart of London, on a mission to help Brands get "famous" by tapping into the power of Intelligent Digital Marketing Communications. The company specialises in creating Cross-Channel Marketing Systems to drive customer engagement and help clients monetise their Marketing efforts. The agency covers channels ranging from Social Media to Spotify, Email and Content marketing, while supplying services for Mobile & Voice application development.
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