Lextin Capital of Hong Kong announces Singaporean joint venture

Lextin Capital of Hong Kong today announced that it has been given approval to establish a joint venture in Singapore.

Online PR News – 18-September-2018 – HONG KONG/YAU TSIM MONG – Lextin Capital, with the joint firm, will be able to offer a wide range of investment services to domestic mainland Singaporean clients. The new joint venture will be in partnership with a recently established domestic securities firm and will be brokering and trading in 'A' shares and 'A' share convertible bonds.

Lextin Capital are expected to underwrite locally listed 'A' share transactions Singapore Dollar denominated corporate bonds and convertible bonds, as well as offer domestic financial advisory and other services.

Lextin Capital's Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Gary Tindall commented on the announcement, saying "Singapore has, for many years, been of great strategic importance to our firm. With this new joint venture, we are entering into an exciting new chapter for Lextin Capital in Singapore. Together with our partners, we are looking forward to building the leading offshore investment firm in the Asia Pacific Region", added Gary Tindall, Chief Financial Officer of Lextin Capital.

Lextin Capital was founded in 2008, beginning operations in Hong Kong's financial district. As the firm began to expand and receive regional recognition for success with its clients, Lextin Capital opened further offices in the region. The further expansion of operations which followed in the subsequent years allowed for the company to proliferate throughout Asia, with specific focus on Southeast Asia, taking advantage of developing markets and establishing itself as an investment and wealth management firm at the forefront of the industry.

With 4 offices across the region, Lextin Capital has established a network of experts with experience in identifying opportunities within developing and developed markets with considerable growth potential. Focusing primarily on developing markets, we are able to offer our clients low-risk opportunities with huge potential for future growth and financial gains.

Lextin Capital has developed institutionalized experience and success in investment growth and sustainable strategies, offering clients a wide range of viable market options. With no relationship to rival firms, and with no subsequent conflicts of interest, our clients are assured that we operate solely for their benefit. Our investment strategies are both flexible and robust, individually designed and tailored to our clients' objectives.

Offering unique and innovative investment opportunities in markets around the world, Lextin Capital operates with transparency and professionalism, providing clients with pioneering financial strategies essential for financial growth.